Remember your first day on the job? You might groan just thinking about it, or maybe you are filled with the optimistic nostalgia of all the great things you set out to accomplish.  It’s all a matter of your current perspective.  One of the greatest apprehensions about that first day is meeting all of your new colleagues.  Someone probably gave you a tour of the office, introducing you to all the new faces, as you wondered how you will remember all the names.  It is like the first day of school, without the hormonal awkwardness.  That’s the human side of office life.

The technical introductions are always a bit more challenging.  What computer will you have?  Will you have both a desktop and a laptop? Perhaps an all-purpose tablet that you must care for like a new pet, remembering to not leave it unattended, or forgetting it on a mass-transit system.  Then, there is the login process.

Are you Authentic?

Usually, a new system will display the login screen, showing a name other than your own.  While it may seem trivial to log in as “Other user”, with all the new information coming at you on the first day, this could be just enough to throw off your otherwise confident flow.  Then comes the dreaded “create a new password” moment.

For the non-technical folks, the login process can be one of the most stressful moments of the day, even if it is not the first day on the job.  Why is that?  One of the reasons is because it is the equivalent of the company receptionist asking for your identification card every day that you arrive in the office.  A bit frustrating after about the third day.

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