How One Organization Used Radware to Lock Down Their Public Cloud

Migrating to the public cloud is all about agility and flexibility, so it should come as no surprise that organizations already in the public cloud see rapid growth in their activity.

While this is great for the company’s bottom line, it also creates security challenges of protecting the cloud environment – and all the workloads running in it – in light of this rapid growth.

One company facing such a dilemma was Perion Network. Perion is a global leader in online advertising platforms.  To increase brand awareness and revenue, they help international brands reach and engage customers across multiple channels – search, social and video.

Perion’s platforms run on top of AWS, allowing them to rapidly scale up activities, deploy code quickly, and respond fast to a changing business landscape, constant growth in asset inventory, new users and new services.

They needed a computing platform to be agile enough to support the fast changes yet secure enough to ensure they are not exposed.

And this is what they got with AWS and Radware.

Key challenges in visibility and management:

Let’s look at some critical security challenges of Perion’s public cloud environment:

  • Account visibility and governance: Their team is constantly growing and needs to integrate new company acquisitions. Meaning they must maintain very granular visibility into what is happening in their environment at any given moment and maintain strict governance to make sure their customer data is secure.
  • Tracking access permissions across accounts: Since different business units work on different features, they needed to ensure that everyone has the access they need – and not more than that. Again, the rapid environment changes make it very difficult to track these permissions, so Perion needed an automated solution.
  • Identifying malicious activities: Because they have such a large and complex environment, there are many entry points, and Perion needed to ensure that only authorized people access sensitive resources.
  • Easy deployment and management: Finally, Perion needed a solution that would be easy to deploy and implement and reduce their operational overhead – and not add to it.

Perion turned to Radware to help them lock down their cloud security posture with Radware’s Cloud Native Protector to address these challenges.

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How Radware Protects Them In the Public Cloud:

  • It identifies misconfigurations and reduces excessive permissions while detecting breaches, providing superior breach detection capabilities.
  • Delivers breach alerts without generating false positives. Although Radware detected many anomalies during testing, it only alerted the Perion security team when it garnered enough evidence for a possible breach.
  • It provides actionable misconfiguration alerts. Radware’s Cloud Native Protector only alerts when an actual configuration issue is detected that risks exposing workloads.
  • Providing exceptional support during testing and implementation.
  • Cloud Native Protector was an easy-to-deploy, nonintrusive cloud security solution with quick onboarding and no need to install additional software or appliances in customer AWS accounts.[You may also like: How to Secure a Changing Application Environment Across Platforms]

Benefits to the Customer:

There are several key benefits that Radware’s Cloud Native Protector delivered to Perion:

  • Visibility: Look at the inventory and map to what they have
  • Permission hardening: Only give access to those who need it, and for what they need, and not more than that
  • Automation: Went from looking at dashboards manually to having an automated breach detection tool
  • Assessment: Perion acquires new companies every 2-3 years, so Radware’s Cloud Native Protector helps them when they need to assess a new environment

These technology benefits already translate into multiple positive business outcomes, including:

  • Ability to focus on their core business instead of security operations.
  • Faster time to security and reaction to threats.
  • Meeting compliance requirements.
  • Maintaining a firm security posture.

Pairing the flexibility of AWS with the enhanced security by Radware enables us to quickly respond to rapidly changing business conditions.

To read the full case study of how Radware and AWS partnered to help Perion Network, download the full case study.

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