A Smarter Vulnerability Management Solution for Credit Unions

As the years go by, cyber attackers have regularly shifted their targets. In doing so, they have honed their craft to carry out attacks in a much more sophisticated manner. Unfortunately, this has transitioned focus from relatively smaller scams targeting individuals, to full scale heists on institutions in the hopes of a much larger payout. Financial institutions are at the top of the list, being targeted at a rate of nearly 300 times more than other industries in 2018.

As smaller financial organizations, credit unions are attractive options to attackers as they’re assumed to have a smaller budget for internal tech support than multinational financial institutions. Concerningly, 86% of credit unions have credentials of at least one employee leaked on the dark web. For this very reason, a third-party vulnerability solution is a perfect option for credit unions. 

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A Comprehensive, Budget Friendly Solution

As a scalable solution, Digital Defense’s Vulnerability solutions are a more financially sound option than keeping a large technical team on payroll.

We offer both on demand and automated vulnerability scanning to cover you 24/7 and have a false positive rate of less than 1% so your team doesn’t lose time attenuating to empty threats. With our help, you’ll prevent costly breaches that occur via ransomware attacks and account takeover, while meeting compliance demands and scaling IOT security.

Accessible & Secure

While keeping your network safe from attack, DDI’s software acts as a safeguard for your member’s data online as well as mobile applications, giving members the accessibility that they desire.

Members frequently praise our responsive staff, automation, ease of use & intuitive reporting style. As a servicer of credit unions for more than 20 years, we understand your pain points and are constantly working on industry specific updates to keep your company safe.


It all starts with having a scanner capable of quickly, comprehensively and accurately assessing endpoints and servers for operating system and application vulnerabilities. 


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