Managing Entitlements and Access in the Cloud is a Leading Security Risk

Public cloud environments offer a flexible way for organizations to provision resources, spin up containers based on ever-changing requirements, and more. Public cloud deployments can quickly turn into a complicated highway of interconnected machines, users, applications, services, containers and microservices.

The huge undertaking of keeping track, evaluating risks and defining access policies and permissions for hundreds, thousands or even millions of machine (applications, services, etc.) and human identities can overwhelm any organization, especially as the migration to a multi-cloud strategy gains traction.

Failing to securely and accurately configure cloud environments or granting excessive or inappropriate access permissions to cloud services have caused some of the most high-profile cybersecurity incidents in recent years. Since access policies must be frequently adjusted over time, the potential for human error increases sharply.

The rising concern over excessive permissions in the cloud is covered in a recent IDC survey where more than 71% of respondents cited detection of excessive permission in the cloud as very important or extremely important.

A recent article in eWeek takes a closer look at the problem and the results of the survey. Read the full article in eWeek.

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