How a SaaS Secure File Gateway Benefits a Remote Workforce

As the pandemic has forced many organizations to shift to a Work-from-Home model, email and file sharing have become even more essential for regular office communications. Unfortunately, this reality brings unprecedented security concerns. With the lines between work and home blurred, employees can be found communicating via their personal devices and over their unsecured home networks. In addition, remote staff are more vulnerable to social engineering schemes and phishing attacks than ever since they can’t easily compare notes with the person in the next cubicle. Let’s take a closer look at how a SaaS Secure File Gateway (SFG) can benefit your remote workforce, and how Votiro can help.

How Remote Work Impacts Security

In the 2020 Verizon Data Breach report, it was found that 22% of corporate breaches involved social engineering, and 96% of those breaches came through email alone. Another 22% of breaches were a result of human error, where sensitive data was accidentally emailed to the wrong recipient. Unfortunately, this means that traditional security measures are simply not sufficient to protect a fully remote staff from an increasingly sophisticated unseen enemy. 

In addition, employees are now using their personal phones, tablets, and computers to work over their home networks. It’s become nearly impossible for organizations to ensure their employees are maintaining  good cyber hygiene. Security measures must be robust to secure organizational files from outside threats and even from internal ones.

Why Enterprises Need a SaaS Secure File Gateway

Enterprises need solutions that are flexible and simple to deploy across their workforce’s varied environments, including mobile. Hackers have endless tricks up their sleeve to lure unsuspecting employees into opening emails containing malicious files, executing weaponized macros, or uploading compromised files to the target company’s online web portal.

A Secure File Gateway adds a necessary security layer to all files, allowing only safe material through, effectively protecting organizations from all weaponized files. When offered as a SaaS solution, a Secure File Gateway will provide customers working within or migrating to the cloud with a scalable way to completely eliminate file-borne attacks carried through email, web downloads, and website uploads. 

With SaaS, employees – no matter where they are located – are empowered to receive and open emails and attachments without fear. As a result, files can be uploaded, downloaded, and edited without compromising the company’s security. A cloud-based SaaS solution will provide customers with a more seamless, cost-effective solution to eliminating file-borne threats.

The Benefits of a SaaS Secure File Gateway

SaaS has become increasingly popular in the corporate world, since there are some distinct advantages over on-premises or cloud hosting options. These benefits include: 

  • Ideal for remote work. As an internet-based solution, a SaaS Secure File Gateway is ideal for a distributed workforce as it gives users the flexibility to work from any approved device with an online connection.
  • Lower setup fees. With SaaS SFG, enterprises can save big on the upfront costs involved with on-site software installation and setup, which can sometimes require new servers or other hardware upgrades. 
  • Simple to get started. With minimal setup involved, enterprises save time as well. Employees can simply log into the web client from their device of choice and get started.
  • Lower maintenance costs. The technology allows companies to save on in-house maintenance costs, as the software provider is responsible for these tasks. In addition, subscription-based SaaS solutions make budget planning a breeze.
  • Minimal IT resource demands. SaaS Secure File Gateway solutions help your IT staff avoid the hassle of dealing with downtime and administration of upgrades and security patches, allowing them to focus. 
  • Scalable to Business Needs. Business requirements change over time. SaaS Secure File Gateway solutions allow the flexibility of choosing higher or lower levels of features, storage, or user licenses without affecting core IT infrastructure.

Leverage Votiro’s SaaS Secure File Gateway

Unlike detection-based file security solutions that scan for suspicious elements and block some malicious files, Votiro’s SaaS Secure File Gateway singles out only the safest elements of each file, ensuring every file that enters your enterprise is 100% clean. Built with vast expertise in the architecture of every file format – as well as close working relationships with file format companies like Adobe and Microsoft – Secure File Gateway technology understands and protects all file types–from .ppt, docs, pdfs and image files, all the way to more complex formats like Autodesk files that no NGAV or Sandbox can possibly detect. 

Votiro’s SaaS Secure File Gateway solutions have the ability to manage traffic at peak hours and process more than 100,000 files per hour. Even with this tremendous volume of incoming material, customers have yet to experience a single file-borne breach in more than seven years.

The SaaS solution can be centrally deployed, updated, and managed all within the cloud environment. Votiro is now able to support and host all infrastructure for enterprise, removing the need for organizations to stand up their own infrastructure or schedule updates. As a result, customers enjoy a convenient solution that drastically reduces resources spent on maintenance and saves security team members’ time that would otherwise be spent on tedious, manual security tasks. Votiro’s solution can also be easily scaled—with SaaS, now more than ever—to support customers throughout their stages of growth. To find out more about Votiro’s SaaS Secure File Gateway and its innovative approach to file security, schedule a demo with us today. 

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