VicTrack & DTEX: Security Product for Business Continuity Planning?

Most organizations deploy an Insider Threat solution to counter insider threats. Likewise, a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution is used primarily to … prevent data loss at endpoints. But DTEX Systems customers have discovered that our Insider Threat and DLP solutions can do more than thwart data loss from malicious insiders and external attacks. They’re reaping additional benefits from their DTEX investment.

Take VicTrack, for example. VicTrack is the public transport company that owns virtually all of the railway-related infrastructure in Victoria, the second-most populous state in Australia. That means VicTrack’s business involves everything from property leasing to telecommunications services to outdoor advertising.

VicTrack’s Chief Information Officer, Bruce Moore, discovered how to put DTEX Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security to work in new and creative ways. The key is the rich store of information DTEX InTERCEPT collects. Our solutions enable organizations like VicTrack to understand how, when, why, where and for how long employees and third parties interact with data, machines, applications and their peers as they perform their job responsibilities.

Bruce shares how he put this data to use for business continuity planning: “What we’re able to do is baseline our staff’s behavior and the organizational IT behavior,” he explained. “Once we had that baseline in place, we then implemented a test of our business continuity planning by sending the entire workforce offsite. Some worked at home, some worked in remote offices and others worked in the field. By then understanding and looking at the analytics, we could measure a baseline versus what happened during our business continuity plan, and then really understand the productivity change that would occur if people were operating outside of the office.”

Armed with that knowledge, Bruce and his team were able to create a plan that ensures VicTrack employees can continue to work at maximum productivity if and when a business disruption – say, a global pandemic or a natural disaster – keeps the VicTrack team out of the office for an extended period of time.

And of course, Bruce has the confidence of knowing that no matter where the VicTrack team is operating – onsite or remotely – DTEX is also working around the clock to combat insider threats and prevent data loss at endpoints.

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