The SysAdmin Class for the World’s Greatest Role-Playing Game

If you’re not sure what a System Administrator (SysAdmin) does, this is the person in your company (or possibly an external contractor) who fearlessly oversees the maintenance, care, configuration, and stable operation of your computers and servers. It’s your SysAdmin who is responsible for the performance, uptime, and security of the computers and networks within your business. A SysAdmin often responds to crises at a moment’s notice and without exceeding an ever-tightening security budget. They are often unseen until you need them, and must stay abreast of a myriad of technical, patching, security, and DevOps requirements to do their jobs effectively over the long haul.

If you are a SysAdmin you know you are a plate-juggler, a firefighter, an invisible magician, an essential worker, and an astronaut amongst monkeys.

July 30, 2021 marks the 22nd anniversary of SysAdmin day. On this day we’re asked to remember the sterling work and tireless efforts of our most epic of unsung heroes. This is a day to demonstrate, ideally through the power of cake, pizza, or a case of Iced Mocha Frappuccinos (just our personal preference), how much we appreciate the hard work and dedication of our security champions, productivity warriors, network defenders, support wizards, and digital heroes.

We believe that every hero deserves to be recognized. How? By bestowing upon them their own class in the world’s first and greatest roleplaying game. Without further ado, may we humbly present…

The Systems Master [PDF]

SystemsMaster 001

Yeah, so we should probably have spent the time it took to do that writing something corporate and constructive for our SEO, but whatever. 😊

If you’re a busy SysAdmin, all hail you, and here’s 30 days of freebie to save you some time and make life a little easier. Sir/madam, we salute you.

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