Nik Hewitt, Author at Security Boulevard

10 Phishing Stats That’ll Make Your C-Suite Think

Wanting to run a phishing simulation is one thing, but persuading colleagues of the importance of doing so is another. You need to keep your organization safe, not just satisfy basic compliance requirements. You need to improve security awareness and colleague behaviors, throughout your organization, to make a real difference ... Read More

6 ways cybersecurity teams can save time and money

The phrase “time is money”, originally attributed to Benjamin Franklin, reprimands the slothful for wasting their working hours. As one of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin clearly never worked a day in cybersecurity. This is an area where fresh blood is hard to find to fill ... Read More

What to do when your business has been hacked

You might be here because the unthinkable has happened so let’s get straight into this, step by step: Immediate containment. Inform stakeholders. Inform law enforcement. Implement your disaster recovery plan. Analyze and future proof. Early warning signs may be unusual user-account behavior, slow speeds, an unexplained rise in DNS traffic, ... Read More
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The SysAdmin Class for the World’s Greatest Role-Playing Game

If you’re not sure what a System Administrator (SysAdmin) does, this is the person in your company (or possibly an external contractor) who fearlessly oversees the maintenance, care, configuration, and stable operation of your computers and servers. It’s your SysAdmin who is responsible for the performance, uptime, and security of ... Read More

How to build a security-first culture with remote teams

If recent world events have driven an increase in the number of remote workers in your organization, you are now confronted by even more security challenges for already stretched security teams and busy IT departments. Sixty-one percent of CISOs are more concerned about security risks targeting employees than they were ... Read More

How to Empower Employees to be Secure and Productive

How can CISOs make cybersecurity positive, productive, inclusive, and maintain best practices across the enterprise? — Do your staff feel valued and important in their roles? More than 65 percent of employees report they do not feel recognized at work, and 31 percent say they’re “engaged but feel my company ... Read More

What Are Red Team Exercises and Why Are They Important?

Pick a side. It’s game time, and nothing is off the table. — For most organizations, a true defense-in-depth strategy includes the proactive testing of company cyber defenses. A Red Team Exercise is designed to reveal vulnerabilities in a company’s security through hands-on testing, uncovering exposure and blind spots in ... Read More

How to Create a Simulated Phishing Attack Across Your Company

Email is one of the many weapons at the disposal of bad actors on the Internet, and your employees are in the firing line. Attackers try to hide behind a trusted entity, sometimes even masquerading as a known vendor or even as a representative of a group within your own ... Read More

Why Geek Pride Day is Something to be Proud Of

It’s fair to say that the majority of us who work in cybersecurity are ‘of a certain mindset’. There’s something that comes with the culture and tradition of personal computing, coding, and data that fosters an interest in elements of geek counter culture. Happy to wear our fandoms, obsessions, and ... Read More
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Don’t Be a Victim of Cyber Extortion

There’s no doubt that cybercrime is on the rise, and bad actors are constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities. In the first half of 2020 data breaches exposed over 36 billion records. Attacks are becoming more wide-spread and more prolific. Malicious hackers are exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities in new iterations of ... Read More