In the last few years, Tripwire has increased its portfolio to include industries that were previously overlooked in the cybersecurity space. Industrial organizations are the newest targets for some of the most malicious instances of cybercrime in recent memory. Fortunately, we have a team of sales engineers who have unique experiences in this area. Markus Bloem joined me for a short conversation about his odyssey and his current role at Tripwire. His journey starts in a most unique environment – under the sea!

Joe Pettit: Markus, welcome to you! I would love for you just to tell me a little bit about who you are, your background, and your career.

Markus Bloem: Of course. Yes. I started my career not in IT but in the German military. I was 17 years old and was stationed on a submarine working with sonar and torpedoes. When I finished my service, I worked in various companies as an IT reseller and IT Distributor in pre-sales and trainer roles. All of that eventually led me to working within industrial organizations. I gained more experience in industrial environments, and that led me to my new role with Tripwire.

JP: Wow. That is a great story. Working in a submarine for nearly 10 years is amazing and certainly gave you a unique perspective on industrial cybersecurity. Can you give me a bit more insight into what brought you to Tripwire?

MB: When you look at Tripwire’s history, you see that they originally worked primarily in the commercial space, and then in the last four years, they expanded to the industrial side. This part of the business is becoming more and more important. It became a good chance for me using my industrial knowledge to help other industrial organizations. For me, that was the main (Read more...)