Conexión Segura Protecting One Million Active Lines!

What an accomplishment!

Telefónica recently announced that Conexión Segura, their security service that provides protected internet browsing, surpassed one million active lines in the consumer market in Spain.

I’d like to officially congratulate Telefónica on this important milestone.

As mentioned in their announcement, Conexión Segura, the company’s internet browsing security service, requires no software installation, is easy to activate, and instantly blocks malware and phishing threats when surfing the internet.

Empowered with network security services using Allot’s NetworkSecure, Telefónica Tech’s Conexión Segura represents the culmination of a long-term joint effort between the companies, which together have safeguarded mobile and land lines against more than 250 million separate cyberthreat occurrences. Each month, Conexión Segura intercepts more than 20 million fraud and data theft threats on mobile lines, and about one million threats on land lines and Wi-Fi-connected household devices. On a monthly basis, it also filters out 45,000 malicious website access attempts, preventing the theft of customer information. In addition, it warns of potentially dangerous websites and reports on risky activity across all lines.

It’s also important to note the business side of the story.

Based on our NetworkSecure platform, the network-based Conexión Segura security solution provides zero-touch, clientless user onboarding, eliminating the need for subscribers to download, install or update any software, which contributes to high adoption rates of up to 50% in some markets.

It is no surprise, especially with the global pandemic and increased cybercrime, that security has become one of the most popular value-added service in the consumer market in Spain. Specifically, I have learned that that Conexión Segura is one of the services most valued by customers with a net promoter score (NPS)  of 31%.

The most recent research also showed that 94% of users declare that they will continue to use the service in the future, and 89% of users believe that this service positively influences the company’s brand image.

Well done, Telefónica! It’s a pleasure to be part of this team, helping to bring peace of mind to now over a million subscribers with Allot Secure-based security as a service protection!

On behalf of Allot, I wish you continued success in your new campaign, which will be launching soon, to introduce thousands more new customers to the benefits of online protection made possible by Conexión Segura.

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