Welcome back to #TripwireBookClub. If you recall, the last book we reviewed was The Ghidra Book: The Definitive Guide, a book that I thoroughly enjoyed because I’m a huge fan of everything Chris Eagle writes. This time, we’re looking at THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK Crypto Dictionary: 500 Tasty Tidbits for the Curious Cryptographer. THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK. I am by no means a cryptography expert, so I’ll share the thoughts of the rest of my team shortly. I will briefly give my opinion first.

I love reference books. I have a shelf that contains TCP/IP Illustrated (the box set) next to the Intel IA-32 Architecture Software Developer’s Manuals (all 6 volumes). On my desk, I have RTFM, BTFM and PTFM. So, in some ways, it feels like Aumasson wrote Crypto Dictionary for me. I love that I now have a crypto reference guide that I can pick up and check. One issue with looking these terms up online is that you have no idea if they are accurate or who the source is – after all, anyone can edit Wikipedia. Knowing who Aumasson is and the rigor of every No Starch Press book, I can trust the information I find in this book. I had only one complaint and only because a colleague pointed it out to me. Cryptography says “See Cryptology” and Cryptology says “See Cryptography.” I did not see the humor in this and would have liked to have seen a valid definition, especially for those new to the field that may pick up the book. I will say, however, that my favorite definition was Cryptid. I won’t share the definition here, but I feel like the book is worth the purchase just to read that one.

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