Sonatype Launches Customer-Focused Program, Sonatype Innovate

As part of Sonatype’s unwavering commitment to our customer community, we’re excited to launch Sonatype Innovate—a program designed for innovators within the community, providing opportunities for collaboration, contribution, leadership, and professional development. 

Who are Sonatype Innovators? 

Sonatype Innovators are customers looking to connect with like-minded professionals across all stages of the software development lifecycle—from Software Architecture, Engineering, and Development to DevOps, Security, Legal, and beyond.  

Sonatype Innovators Logo

Program members (“Innovators”) gain access to a variety of opportunities focused on knowledge-sharing and networking, thought leadership and professional development,  continuous learning, as well as helping shape the future of Sonatype solutions. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with many of our most successful customers as part of our new Sonatype Innovate program,” said David Rudolph, Chief Customer Officer at Sonatype. “With an increasing focus on continuous software-driven innovation, in the face of accelerating OSS risk, this new program is critical. What better way to drive innovation and harden software supply chains than deploying Sonatype’s Nexus Platform, engaging with our experts, and now collaborating and engaging with fellow innovators  on best practices and continuous improvements within the SDLC?”

Innovate allows members to tailor their experience to suit their personal preferences. 

Active members will have access to a variety of benefits: 

  • Connect and collaborate in dedicated spaces with Innovate members and Sonatype Product Management, Customer Success, and Technical Support
  • Share expertise, earn recognition from the Sonatype Community and industry at large, and expand knowledge of Sonatype products and Software Supply Chain Management best practices through professional development learning, content creation, and speaking opportunities 
  • Influence Sonatype’s innovations, enhancements, and new releases by providing direct feedback
  • Exclusive Sonatype swag and Innovator-only events

Become a Sonatype Innovator

We’re looking for Sonatype advocates who are passionate about learning and growing their knowledge as well as (Read more...)

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