How QR Codes are Shaping the Future of Marketing

The onset of the global pandemic has hurled the usage of QR Codes among businesses, not just because they are versatile but also because they are safe and help to maintain hygiene.

Now talking from the marketing perspective, QR Codes have significantly helped marketers and enterprises in tracking their campaigns without the need for heavy investments.

Even during the global pandemic situation, marketers have leveraged QR Codes to curate a unique shopping experience for buyers that attracts and engages more consumers.

From redirecting customers to social media pages to asking them to leave feedback and review, enterprises can do a lot through a QR Code.

In this post, we’ll learn how QR Codes are shaping the future of marketing and why businesses need to quickly gear up for the next new normal at the earliest.

#1. The Next Level of Contactless Payments

Gone are the days when you had to gather money to pay at the checkout at your local grocery store.

As customers across the globe were asked to stay at their homes and were instructed to maintain a healthy hand sanitizing habit, everyone became more aware of certain shared touchpoints.

With QR Codes in practice, we don’t need to worry regarding the unnecessary hassle of touching shared touchpoints for payments as the technology has offered the best contactless option.

Grocery stores and pharmacies have enabled touch-free payment options that depict the role of contactless payments and how customers are ready to adopt the same with a trusted vendor.

Furthermore, many online giants utilize QRCodes to redirect consumers to their e-stores to enhance their mobile commerce strategy.

They even offer lucrative discounts and offers that help them increase their client base.

#2. Future Ready: QR Codes Helps Enhancing Retail and Marketing Experiences

QR Codes offered the virtual try-on experience amid the COVID-19 pandemic that undoubtedly improves the window shopping experience.

Moreover, some product-specific QR Codes are also being used to deliver rich AR-based experiences that help shoppers to make a quick and better decision and thus enhancing sales for online vendors.

For instance, many online glasses stores have provided product QR Codes. These codes, when scanned with a smartphone, provide a try-on experience where the user can try shades and spectacles and choose the one that suits them the most.

The pandemic-driven convenience of QR Codes is helping vendors and marketers to plan strategies around leveraging QR Codes to deliver hassle-free smart authentication experiences that help increase conversion rates as the need to visit a store is eliminated.

#3. Converts One-time Customers to Repeat Buyers

Marketers can add QR Codes to the packaging of products purchased by a consumer that allows them to scan and get great offers on their next purchase.

This is the easiest and far much better way of retaining customers as they would love to shop again and avail more discounts.

Several eCommerce giants are now utilizing the true potential of QR Codes through smart and creative ways that help them increase customer retention rates.

QR Codes undeniably opens new doors for marketers, especially during the uncertain times as it offers creative and engaging experiences and that too within a couple of seconds.

#4. Helps Users to Download Your Mobile Application

Using creative QR Codes to get consumers to download your mobile app is another way of generating quality leads.

Conveying a unique brand voice through a QR Code not only just helps increase app downloads but eventually helps in establishing a brand reputation in the market.

Apart from this, getting an application installed in your consumers’ device would further provide you deeper insights regarding their shopping history and behavior.

This would also lend a hand in understanding the areas that need to be focussed on when it comes to sales and service during the pandemic era.

Marketers can utilize the data to provide personalized experiences and product suggestions that can further enhance user experience and improve sales.

#5. Builds a Brand: Getting Customers to Provide Quick Ratings and Reviews

With businesses striving for a competitive edge, reviews are undeniably the backbone for building consumer trust in potential clients.

Since 90% of consumers rely on online client reviews before they make up their mind for purchasing goods and services, QR Codes can be the game-changer for driving client reviews on your social media platforms and other forums.

A seamless and quick review option by scanning a QR Code could be a piece of cake for customers and that too without any human intervention. This will not only help to build brand identity and awareness but would also compel new buyers to trust your brand easily, especially when people are forced to stay inside their homes.

Final Thoughts

There’s no second thought to the fact that the market for QR Codes is helping businesses to explore new horizons to accelerate business growth.

With correct marketing strategies, including adequate content placement and website responsiveness, marketers must quickly understand that just adding a QR Code won’t speed up sales.

Also, adequate analysis strategies must be in place to trace the user behavior that can be further utilized to build personalized experiences for enhanced business growth during the uncertain times of COVID-19.


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