Dancho Danchev’s Disappearance – 2010 – Official Complaint Against Republic of Bulgaria – Part Four

Dear friends. 

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I never really had the chance to elaborate or actually explain what really took place with me in 2010 when I was what appears to be illegally arrested using a stolen ID and a molestion and home robbery attempt courtesy of local police officers from Troyan Police where Troyan is my home town including a kidnapping attempt where I was taken into a car by the same people – one of them is the mayor of a village called Debnevo and the other two are running local pizza businesses and are actually involved with my town’s administration as advisers. It appears that I was then drugged and sedated without my knowledge for a period of 5 years where under a physical violence pressure I’ve lost approximately $85,000 due to physical harassment without no legal action on behalf of my country or any other country involved which leaves me with home molestation kidnapping attempt and a physical robbery attempt by police officers from the town of Troyan with no legal action besides a DANS agent visit who asked me to attend a doctor session and actually advised me to take a pension. The same people that robbed and kidnapped me and basically ruined my money and well-being are currently still supposed to be working in the local police department with no legal action on behalf of my country or any other country involved leaving me with no money and a steady flow of loans which I try to take care of by working on a part-time or contractor basis.

Sample Facebook profile IDs of the people responsible for my illegal kidnapping illegal arrest home molestation and the stealing of my personal ID from my place and holding me hostage for a period of couple of months an injecting me on a daily basis:
Primary points of contacts in case someone is worried about well-being and whereabouts in this case should be:
Telefon za korupciq na slujiteli na MVR – 02 / 982 22 22
GDBOP – Signal za korupciq i izpirane na pari – [email protected]
Nachalnik RPU Troyan – [email protected]
Troyan Police – Email: [email protected]
Troyan Hospital – Email: [email protected]
Lovech Psychiatry Clinic – Email: [email protected] 
Troyan Municipality – Email: [email protected]
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