At Arkose Labs, All Employees Can Be Their Authentic Selves

June is Pride Month! It is a celebration dedicated to uplifting LGBTQ+ voices, celebrating their culture and history, while also supporting their rights. It is a melange of political activism and a celebration of all that LGBTQ+ community has achieved over the years. This month is a reminder of the importance of inclusion, equality, and acceptance of our unique identifiers. 

At Arkose Labs, we are committed to creating a safe space in the workplace where no one feels they need to “come out,” but also where everyone can remain their authentic selves.

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History of Discrimination

Discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community has a long history, and continues even today. Despite the call for creating equal and diverse workplaces, the members of the LGBTQ+ community continue to face challenges and hardships in the workplace. They are often denied work opportunities that others can take for granted.

Organizations that embrace gender equality and promote a diverse and equitable work culture, have a competitive edge, are reported as fantastic places to work, attract top-tier talent, and often see less turnover. However, supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace is not just rhetoric. It requires sincere and continued efforts to create a truly equitable work culture.

While coming out can be important to enable some LGBTQ+ individuals to feel seen and authentic about who they are and create a comfortable work environment, it can be psychologically draining when repeated. In some cases, coming out may even lead to abuse. According to a McKinsey survey nearly 37% of respondents felt uncomfortable with coming out at work.1 It can be especially challenging for junior employees, who are still trying to find themselves in their professional careers. It is a lot of pressure to overcome. 

Arkose Labs is committed to creating a more inclusive and gender-equal workplace, and ensuring that every person is evaluated on merit and not on any random biases. It is our constant endeavor at Arkose Labs to create an organization, where being OUT is a non-issue and where everyone feels included, heard, and supported. 

Honoring Authenticity

In today’s workplaces, where diversity and inclusivity are highly valued, being true to yourself is incredibly important. When you can freely express who you really are, without any worries or doubts, it can make a huge difference in how satisfied you feel with your job, your mental well-being, and the relationships you have with your colleagues. But for LGBTQIA individuals, deciding whether to come out at work can be a complicated and deeply personal choice. The good news is, being authentic doesn’t always have to involve a formal coming out process.

Instead of feeling the pressure to self-identify, or to come out repeatedly in a professional setting, it would be an optimal setting if employees from the LGBTQ+ community could be afforded the opportunity to be their authentic selves, without the added pressure of self-labeling, or feeling the need to explain what makes them unique. 

I have always felt supported and accepted at Arkose Labs, and it feels absolutely great to work for an organization where I never had to “come out.” All I have to do here is be myself. I understand that this is not the case afforded to many, but this is my lens here at Arkose Labs and I sincerely hope it is the same for others. 

To me, authenticity means being real and genuine in everything you do. It’s about staying true to who you are, embracing what makes you special, and letting your true self shine in your professional interactions. It’s all about aligning your actions, values, and identity in a way that feels honest and congruent.

The Issue of “Other”

That said, it has not always been that way. During the early years of my career, it was a different environment altogether. Not only were organizations not very open to let members of the LGBTQ+ community be their authentic selves, but being ‘other’ was an issue that was skirted around. They wouldn’t accept us. Discrimination was wide-spread and, often, humiliating as the butt of a joke or casual commentary. 

Although the situation has improved over the years, and the United States Supreme Court made discrimination against workers based on their gender identity or sexual orientation illegal on June 15, 2020, there still remains a wide chasm that needs to be bridged with proactive action.2 For instance, even among Fortune 500 companies, nearly half of them do not provide benefits for domestic partners and less than two-thirds offer trans-inclusive healthcare coverage. 

Further, LGBTQ+ employees often face difficulty qualifying for parental leave, says the McKinsey survey cited before. Here at Arkose Labs, our dependent care coverage is inclusive and equitable. Those in ‘non-traditional’ partnerships do not need to provide an explanation. 

Arkose Labs Supports Equality and Inclusion

At Arkose Labs, we make conscious efforts to support diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to have all our employees be their authentic selves, and we are constantly learning about what that means. We believe that being able to acknowledge and assess where we currently are and where we aim to go is important. Therefore, we are mindful to push for progress on the basis of equality, and continue to put in our best efforts to create a diverse and inclusive work environment.

When it comes to being your true self at work, it’s an incredible journey of getting to know and accept yourself. Keep in mind that coming out is something personal, and you get to decide when and how to share your sexual orientation or gender identity. The key is to focus on accepting yourself, forming real connections with others, promoting inclusivity, and expressing your values. By doing all that, you can create an environment where your authenticity is respected and celebrated, even without going through a formal coming out process. Your unique qualities and experiences add so much richness to the diverse tapestry of the workplace, making it a more vibrant and inclusive space for everyone.

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