Connecting IT Podcast 2021 – Ben Saunders, Polar Explorer

In this special preview edition of the Connecting IT Podcast, host Dan Tomaszewski, SVP of Channel and Community at Kaseya, chats with Polar Explorer Ben Saunders in advance of his keynote at this year’s GlueX.  From exploring the Arctic to running his own business, Ben has navigated harsh environments (literally) for many years. He channels his amazing life experiences and shares with the Connecting IT podcast audience how he stays motivated, the importance of communication, and the value of mental preparation.

Dan starts off the conversation by asking Ben if he had any advice for small business owners in 2021 who are looking to stay motivated. Ben said that it is important for not only small business owners but everyone to “control what you can control and don’t waste energy and mental space on things you can’t control” (6:04). Ben then started to talk about personal examples of how he would go on expeditions and there would be things he could not control like, for example, the climate. Ben learned to be more aware and deliberate of where he focused his energy and to “control the controllables” (4:23).

At one point of the interview, Dan asks Ben about how he overcomes challenging mindsets while going on expeditions, and then ties that back to business and asks Ben, “How can an MSP owner use that same mindset for their own business, especially in the light of the growing number of cyber-attacks?” (11:31)

Ben responded, “One of the crucial ingredients to the success I’ve had has been self-belief” (12:12). Ben added that some businesses think they should not act on things until they are more confident, however, Ben’s advice is to “act without certainty” and have “the willingness individually and as businesses to push yourself outside your comfort zone” (13:43).

He adds, “It’s really important to disconnect your ego and let your team be. Surround yourself with people that are good people that know their area, and that can help you run your business” (18:44).

At the end of the interview, Dan mentions Ben’s upcoming appearance at GlueX 2021 and asks if he had any last inspiring thoughts before we see him on May 4. Here is what he had to say:

“I used to see success as achieving your goal. I used to see success as a finish line in the future. In business, there is no finish line, and it doesn’t stop there. That’s not the goal. Success to me now looks something like continuing to strive, evolve, and get better at what you do” (23:55).

Join us May 4-5, 2021 for a virtual GlueX event to hear more from Ben Saunders, and other inspiring speakers like Bear Grylls, and more.

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