The Latest LogRhythm Employee Initiatives

The first quarter of 2021 went by so quickly! The whirlwind of 2020 brought its challenges, yet as we dive into 2021 — more resilient and mutually committed to our common goals — I am confident that LogRhythm can tackle any obstacles and demonstrate gratitude for all successes that come our way.

If I have learned anything during my tenure at LogRhythm, it is that we are extremely fortunate to have a team full of dedicated and passionate professionals with pure grit. Our employees are the reason for our success, so it is of utmost importance that we invest in them. They are also the reason I am grateful to be a part of employee initiatives that benefit our outstanding workforce. Following are some highlights of our 2021 initiatives.

Engagement Survey and Results

It’s monumental to make sure employees at LogRhythm feel seen, heard, and valued. We launched a companywide engagement survey and collected anonymous and honest feedback to gauge employee engagement and identify areas of improvement throughout the organization.

We have seen phenomenal results with an 84 percent favorable score and at least 71 percent participation across the board. These candid responses provided LogRhythm leaders with meaningful insight on the strengths and opportunities for our company. Our strengths are that a majority of our workforce favors their team and trusts their managers, feels valued and respected, and is proud of their work. Each of these play a large role in the day-to-day enjoyment of one’s job leading to a sense of belonging which drives engagement.

Like any other business, we also found opportunities to address including improving cross-functional collaboration and managing workload, and increasing training, tools, and resources. To help with this, we implemented a variety of initiatives for immediate action, including:

  • Objectives and key results (OKRs): A goal-setting framework that guides measurable and obtainable goals across the organization. OKRs will help each team member create “line of sight” between their work and LogRhythm’s top initiatives as well as align everyone’s efforts to the same results.
  • One Team Award: We created an award to recognize teams who excel in cross-functional collaboration every quarter. We want to celebrate their hard work and achievements, while demonstrating the positive impact of streamlined collaboration across departments.
  • Stay Interviews: To ensure our employees are engaged and getting the support they need; managers will conduct stay interviews with employees to build relationships and foster authenticity and transparency on all aspects of their job.
  • Values Sessions: We will host several different focus groups for employees to review core values of the company and provide feedback. Then we will send a survey to the entire company so that everyone can provide input. We want employees to understand that their input matters.

Woman’s History Month

Another important initiative this quarter has been celebrating Woman’s History Month. LogRhythm aims to cultivate an inclusive and diverse workforce and we celebrate this month to raise awareness, educate each other, and share stories from women who play a key role in our culture, society, and within LogRhythm.

To get involved, we launched a series of panels where women at LogRhythm provided advice, shared stories, and answered questions pertaining to their experiences as women in the cybersecurity industry. We heard from so many amazing people with diverse backgrounds and we shared the recordings with the entire company. Here are a few great quotes from the sessions that speak to any aspiring female professional:

“Whether a man or a woman mentor, surround yourself by somebody who you would really like to be like.” – Misty Moran, Regional Sales Manag

“Don’t be afraid to use your voice…your voice is so important, and your perspective is so important.” – Faith Novotony, Director of Contracts

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help” – Angie Lawn, Senior Director Software Engineering

“Know your worth and don’t be shy about it.” – Paula Rice, Director Customer Success – Account Management

And finally, one more quote from Paula Rice about experiences that made her feel included, “When people make time for you, time is a gift.”

Health and Wellness Sessions

A top priority for LogRhythm is ensuring that employees have access to mental health and wellness resources. We are continuing our partnership with Dr. Kristen Race of Mindful Life to provide sessions for brain-based mindfulness techniques to help our employees conquer stress and anxiety. In one of her recent sessions, Tools to Conquer the Waves of Anxiety, employees learned a memorable and easy mediation tips that I would love to reshare.

Feeling stressed? Follow the BBQ method:

  1. Breath: Stress or anxiety can shorten your breath. Bring the nervous system back into balance by taking deep breaths.
  2. Body Posture: When you’re anxious, your body posture naturally reflects how you feel. Practice a calm and grounded posture to help adjust your internal state.
  3. Ask Yourself an Empowering Question: Ask yourself things like, “How have I conquered situations like this in the past?” This will help your brain process your thoughts differently opposed to panic-related questions.

Especially during a more isolated and remote workforce, Dr. Race has shared numerous ideas like the BBQ method which can be easily implemented into everyday practices.

The Logger LEAD Program

Growth, development, and leadership opportunities are vital to retaining employees and maximizing the potential of our workforce. That’s why we developed the Logger Leadership, Excellence, and Development (LEAD) Program. Logger LEAD will play a key role in laying out the foundational skills and competencies required to be a successful leader. The first four months of 2021, our focus has been emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict management.  In May, we’ll begin four sessions to support our focus on strengthening performance.

Logger LEAD Program

Culture Club

Employees who feel a sense of community are much more likely to experience career satisfaction or feel connected to the company. We are investing in the Culture Club to help our employees get engaged with the LogRhythm family as much as possible. This committee is made up of a group of employees representing every core business function and spanning various levels of seniority. The goal is to strengthen our company culture by incorporating employee feedback into team building, collaboration, and employee wellness initiatives. This quarter we had some fun by bonding over a cooking and exercise classes, and there is a lot more to come!

As we move into the second quarter, I look forward to witnessing the progression of these programs and the growth and development of the LogRhythm family. Stay tuned for more updates on employee initiatives this year!

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