Streamlining Bot Management with SIEM Integration

Bot Management with SIEM Integration

Modern web applications are built using a vast ecosystem of building blocks, or microservices, that work together to deliver rich digital experiences. Observability is critical to ensuring the availability and security of these applications. However, cybersecurity teams everywhere are drowning in data from a myriad of security solutions and they need a helping hand digesting all this data and turning it into insights. This is where Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) comes in.

Benefits of a SIEM Solution

SIEM solutions provide a powerful way to ingest, digest and preserve security logs and event data from a wide variety of solutions and in diverse formats. A SIEM enables cybersecurity teams to turn data into insights, detect threats, generate real-time reports and track long-term trends across their entire infrastructure.

Benefits of SIEM include:

  • Single pane of glass to analyze entire infrastructure
  • Improved efficiency and reduced operational costs
  • Faster response to security threats
  • Better reporting, log analysis and retention for compliance purposes

Most organizations have implemented a SIEM solution to streamline their cybersecurity operations. Some of the common SIEM solutions include Exabeam, IBM QRadar, LogRhythm, Micro Focus ArcSight, RSA NetWitness, Splunk and SumoLogic.

Bot Management and SIEM

PerimeterX Bot Defender includes several pre-built and customizable dashboards that help cybersecurity teams understand and respond to bot threats on their web applications. Being a cloud-native platform, Bot Defender also has the ability to stream logs to third-party solutions like SIEM. This may give you the added benefit of correlating bot threats along with other aspects of your infrastructure. For example, you may be able to find a correlation between increased credential stuffing activity and a network intrusion that could indicate a targeted attack.

Bot Defender can stream log data to most cloud-based log collection systems. It also includes a pre-built integration that Splunk users (Read more...)

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