Security Catalyst Office Hours Recap for April 9, 2021

Office hours continues to develop connections that allow us remarkable conversations. Here are some ideas and insights we explored this week: 

Insights on how to prioritize work and elevate your team

One leader generously shared the approach that elevated their team. Even shared some initial lessons learned and encouraged others. 

What will we carry forward?

As we prepare for people to return to offices, what did we learn in the last year? And what will we bring forward with us? Some key ideas came out around helping people develop a plan, how to handle distractions (at home and in the office), and the importance of regional considerations. 

What are the implications of how we return?

Do we want more face-to-face time? Does everyone want the same thing? Are we about to experience a pent-up demand for new jobs? What happens if a key member of the team leaves? 

Buying and Selling has changed

“More sizzle, less steak(house).” Now it’s “I have these problems, how can you help me solve them?” That means the way we think about value — and what is valuable — is shifting 

Our Work Changed, too 

Do we understand the business — and it changed? Do we know what makes our business valuable? Can we communicate our value to others?

DevOps Unbound Podcast

Our conversations need to change 

What is our vision and purpose? Where are we heading, and why? Is our team in alignment? And what if they aren’t in alignment? What is your plan to handle that? How does your team grow?

Here’s the mind-map of the discussion (captured live): 

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And we’ll solve them together

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