Security Catalyst Office Hours Recap for April 16, 2021

We open office hours by sharing and celebrating, “something good.” Sometimes it’s just a reminder that good things happen every day. Today it led into a fantastic exploration of how to prioritize and incorporate personal development into our lives. The same ideas and approaches are useful for getting our work done, too. 

Here’s what we explored: 

How do we measure security? 

Do the standard percentage of spend or CAPEX/OPEX ratios still work? Related, how do we measure the effectiveness of security leaders — beyond breaches and lack thereof. 

How do you make time for reading and writing?

A celebration of virtual writing sessions and a new writing program kicked off the conversation on getting started, the power of accountability, and flexibility – since what works for one might not work for another. 

How do we help each other invest in ourselves?

We explored how to experiment and discover what worked and how to use accountability statements and prompts in the absence of an accountability partner. 

What is the role of structure and environment?

Key point on getting started: set your intention and take actionwithout shooting for perfection. Then use the evidence of the experience to shape your structure and environment. Embrace that sometimes the structure has to change. 

Consider your goals and be flexible with your strategies

If you set your goals right, they don’t need to change too much. Your strategies – how you’ll achieve your goals — can change. The challenge is setting realistic goals. Experiment to figure out what is appropriate and accept that sometimes you need to try new strategies and tactics. 

Consider the importance of how we practice (and improve)

“Do you have five years of experience, or one year of experience, five times?” Once you’ve set a goal, HOW is practice becomes as important as practicing. 

And the big aha of it all 

Intention drives action. Keep it simple. Embrace the mindset that you’re not perfect and you’re not trying to be. Don’t let the desire for perfection (or what other people think) get in the way. As you do more, learn more. Make the changes and look for improvement. Get help or learn to help yourself. Let your progress prove value. Allow your progress to reveal your pathway. 

Some of this sounds familiar. Today it clicked on a personal level! 

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