Gain App-Centric Visibility & Smart Insights into the Network Infrastructure


Day by day, our dependence on the high availability of applications, systems, and networks is increasing. As a business accelerates and its application infrastructure continues to grow in complexity, ensuring uninterrupted access to business-critical applications becomes greatly challenging. Even the simplest configuration error can cause significant downtime, and without a robust automation platform, it may take hours (or even days) to troubleshoot outages across the complex network infrastructure. Now enterprises strongly need to have a more effective way to monitor their SaaS, cloud services, and the applications hosted across cloud, containers, and on-premise, as the conventional port-based approach is on the edge of being defunct.

Application availability depends on the network and for peak performance, a strategic approach needs to be devised which can offer network-aware performance monitoring. An effective solution for visibility into networking infrastructure must be able to reliably monitor the application performance in real-time. It must also offer a complete hierarchical view of the organization’s physical, virtual, and cloud-native elements deployed across the various data centers, branch offices, and multi-cloud environments.

Benefits of App-centric visibility into application landscape

With the app-centric observability and traceability, the organizations are empowered with the ability of:

  • Fixing the loopholes and misinformation arising out of the lack of application health information
  • Expanding and strengthening the security, compliances, and reliability over service-level agreements
  • Bolstering the application teams to respond fast to the emerging glitches and take corrective and remediation measures even before they occur in reality.
  • Getting better outcomes and offering speedier deliveries
  • Gaining accurate insights about the application performance, and the network dependency to better the performance and scale up the operations across the infrastructure and platforms working in siloes

In addition to these overt benefits, the app-centric visibility into the networking infrastructure also facilitates greater control over cloud applications with the same availability, performance, and security level when compared with the hybrid environment.

The businesses concerned will also gain the confidence of policies governing the application in data centers. With such visibility into the application landscape, all the applications can be easily protected while maintaining the agility and efficiency of cloud service.

How ADC+ helps gain these benefits?

ADC+, the application automation and orchestration platform, by AppViewX, not only automates and orchestrates your applications but also offers greater visibility into applications’ health and also allows application owners to gain an app-centric topological view of networking infrastructure across all devices, multi-cloud, and platforms.

Let’s delve into the details!

In the application delivery networking space, ADC+ by AppViewX is a groundbreaking innovation offering deeper integration with vendor APIs, personalized reporting, advanced operational reporting, and app-centric device management.

With its application delivery automation solutions and perfectly automated orchestrations of ADC devices, the Control Center module of ADC+ provides a complete topological view of the applications and also facilitates advanced operational capabilities. Customizable, GUI-based, sophisticated dashboards enable monitoring of different network infrastructure components and single-click application traffic management, simply making it the best for network operations.

ADC+ eradicates the complexities of networking teams by shifting the manual management to

self-serviceable visual workflow to monitor the application status. In case of any malfunctioning being identified, the self-remediation steps are auto-executed.

Gaining App-centric visibility:

The ADC+ facilitates users with customizable dashboards and actionable reports, offering detailed visibility into the application’s health and performance, allowing the organizations and the NetOps teams to gain a complete app-centric view of the system’s topology.

The Control Center module of the ADC+ platform generates an intuitive app-centric representation of infrastructure components through network topology maps to discover the application instance and its mapping to firewalls, load balancers, profiles, pool members, end servers, certificates, etc.

These intuitive representations (commonly referred to as InfraMaps) offer the application and network team an all-inclusive hierarchical view of the application infrastructure and make them troubleshoot the irregularity more quickly and more efficiently.

Adding all the devices in delivery infrastructure to the inventory, ADC+ uses special device credentials to deliver network discovery across multiple vendors and hybrid infrastructures as well.

Gaining app-centric visibility

ADC+ policy driven compliance

Customizable Dashboards and Actionable Reports:

The digital transformation phenomenon has given way to an application economy that demands

100% uptime. Due to this radical shift, the network operations must undergo an overhaul as well so that NetOps can manage business-critical applications simply and efficiently.

Highly customizable dashboards offered by Application Delivery Automation platforms like AppViewX ADC+ make things easier by enabling the user to manage, monitor, and interpret all the configured applications and their objects. It generates a customized view so users can just log in and view their own applications.

For example, the user could customize their dashboard to view a group of virtual

servers or data centers allowing partners to perform functionalities like enabling, disabling, and taking servers in and out of rotation. This functionality allows for complete application-centric visibility and control over critical applications that you want to monitor at any given time.

adc+ actionable reports

self serviceable traffic management view

Additional Features in this regard

ADC+ also alleviates the complexities of networking teams by shifting the manual management to self-serviceable visual workflow to monitor the application status. The incident automation and resolution feature bring down MTTR as in case of any malfunctioning being identified, the event-driven automation is triggered and self-remediation steps are auto-executed.

The context-aware pre-configured workflows abstract the technical nitty-gritty and empower the organizations with self-serviceability. Anyone, without much expertise over technical contexts, can easily define the configuration with these workflows without waiting for any skilled personnel to configure the network.

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