Dan Kaminsky

Image Credit:  Souce:   Wikipedia

Image Credit: Souce: Wikipedia

Saddened by news of the death of Dan Kaminsky, a member of the ICANN Trusted Community Representatives group (Recovery Key Holder) for DNSSEC Root, and Chief Scientist of White Ops. Dan’s work was typically behind the scenes, he became well known in the security community with his discovery of the highly pernicious DNS Cache Poisoning Flaw and at CERT (and, of course, the fix thereto). He is missed by all who knew him, may he rest in peace.

‘As part of the joint effort to secure the domain name system (DNS) and the Root DNSSEC key management process, a number of persons acting as trusted representatives of the Internet community participate in the root key generation and signing ceremonies. These persons are called Trusted Community Representatives (TCRs).’ – via ICANN


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