Tripwire recently hired Naoufal Mzali as its first local regional sales manager specifically for the Africa and Levant region. I therefore decided to sit down with Naoufal and have a chat about cybersecurity and Tripwire’s mission for the region. Here’s what he had to say.

Joe Pettit: Is the Levant and Africa a new territory for Tripwire? Or do you already have customers and partner networks there?

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Naoufal Mzali: Africa and Levant is not new territory for Tripwire. The company’s been working in the region for many years, and it’s been successful in supporting finance and telecoms organisations as they strived to adopt digital payment platforms along with other new technologies to support their customer base. In recent years, Tripwire has seen consistent organic growth in Africa, with this drive for technology spreading into other verticals as organizations embarked on their own digital transformation journeys. This increasing demand along with Tripwire’s existing success helped to lay a firm foundation for Tripwire to put someone like me into Levant and Africa. My job is to capitalize on this market opportunity and to accelerate traction in the area. 

JP: Makes sense. Is there a partner network set up within the Levant and Africa? Or is that something you’re looking to develop?

NM: Tripwire already has many customers and partners spread across these regions. I will seek to develop those channels further so that I can expand our reach beyond banking and telecoms and thereby position us to address cybersecurity issues for a larger cross section of the market. 

JP: What is your role as regional sales manager in the area mean for EMEA and for Tripwire?

NM: It will be a real add-value for Tripwire and growth in terms of business. I will be (Read more...)