Climbing toward the Summit: The Cloud Native Security Summit is Almost Here

If you follow Capsule8 on social media, you’ve likely seen our barrage of speaker announcements, session updates, and overall agenda magic (literally, there is a magic show) for the upcoming Cloud Native Security Summit on April 14. 

After two successful in-person events in New York in 2018 and San Francisco 2019, we were really looking forward to hosting the next show in 2020 but given *gestures wildly* everything, it just wasn’t possible.

Heading into 2021, we knew it was time to bring it back, even if we couldn’t do it in-person. We missed the honest and open discussions that addressed the challenges of a changing technology landscape. We missed hearing how folks on the front-lines were tackling threats and obstacles and strategizing ways to do it better. We missed learning how leaders and execs were addressing communication and collaboration within their own, and across, teams. We missed our community.

Alongside partners Open Raven and Snowflake, we are bringing the conference back as a half-day virtual event with a theme that resonates loud and clear with everyone after 2020: Resilience. 

From a technology standpoint, resilience has become an essential focus for the security industry. With external attacks now accepted as an inevitable reality, how an organization detects, responds, recovers, and learns from a crisis that is key.

From a life standpoint, resilience is what got us all here. 

We’ve got something for everyone this year, including in-depth content on:

  • Trends in resilience featuring insights from 451 Research
  • Achieving and maintaining compliance in a cloud-native world
  • Taking a cloud-native approach to threat detection
  • #RealTalk on resilience

Hear directly from your peers and industry leaders from HackerOne, Snowflake, Google, PagerDuty, Unqork, and others. 

Please do consider joining us. If you’d like to register, here’s the link: Cloud Native Security Summit 

Thank you and we hope to see you there!

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