PerimeterX Named to the Fast Company List of Most Innovative Companies: Employee Thoughts

Most Innovative Companies - PerimeterX

Today, Fast Company announced PerimeterX as one of its Most Innovative Companies of 2021.

PerimeterX innovations are leading the web application security industry by ensuring its customers stay ahead of cybercriminals who are constantly evolving their attack methodologies. For example, the PerimeterX research team made key discoveries over the past year including a critical WhatsApp flaw that put millions of users at risk of phishing, malware and ransomware attacks, a Content Security Policy (CSP) Bypass Vulnerability in Google Chrome that put almost every website in the world at risk and a limitation in CSP that created an open window to exfiltrate users’ private data via Google Analytics. The company also introduced continuous updates to its cloud-native platform, including its recent Winter Release which includes new capabilities to help retailers protect their digital storefront from home page to checkout.

These discoveries and innovations stem from a culture at PerimeterX that organically brings out the best in our employees. Here’s what PerimeterX team members have to say about how their teams embody and encourage innovation.

Liel Strauch, Director of Cybersecurity Research

Innovation for me means always pushing for new ideas and making sure that what we’re currently working on is the best solution using the best capabilities. We’re always evolving our solutions and improving customer satisfaction. I see this effort to innovate on my team every time we work on a new detection mechanism. The team takes major risks in making sure that we block more bots and identify more malicious scripts with every change we make — while also avoiding false positives. Taking these risks and making these changes in a live product impacts a lot of customers and their web traffic. It requires a lot of major, innovative thinking.

Elad Amit, Director of Product Management

I believe that innovation is (Read more...)

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