International Women’s Day: Why Be Daring?

International Women’s Day always makes me reflect about my career path and decisions, and I wonder if just the fact that I’m a woman makes them interesting. I hope not.

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All of my career has been in the tech and business space. As a woman, I have been and many times still am, a minority in the room. I grew up with that. I think (and really want to believe) that it is less extreme for the younger generations, as it was less extreme for me when I started my career than when the women before me did. So we are definitely improving, and the status quo is constantly changing – but there’s still a ways to go.

Dare to be Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations

Women – younger and older, less and more confident, shy and bold – live and work in the reality of being a minority in some settings. Sometimes, we are the only women in the room and feel like we need to tread carefully, and sometimes we lead the room, regardless of the number of women there.

Many times, just the fact that we’re in the room is considered Daring. And while that may indeed still be the case, that is definitely not the goal. The goal is to get into that figurative room to make the impact, drive the strategy, push the decision. But because the gender (im)parity hovers around us, it sometimes causes us to lose sight of the goal.

Let’s strive for us women to continue to push each other and ourselves to our next level constantly, to make ourselves comfortable in uncomfortable situations, and then take another step forward into the discomfort. Not to be content with having crossed a barrier, but to continue to cross barriers.

Dare to See Yourself in a Leading Position

In my role as COO at Cybereason and in being a mom of three, the day-to-day reality that I deal with is objectively challenging. Yes, definitely the constant struggle of work-life integration is hard. But it’s more than that, it’s about accepting imperfection, uncertainty and conflicting priorities and still being able to move forward with conviction – both in my personal or professional life.

Put yourself out there – even if it’s just in your own head – and embrace the fear that you may fail. Believing success is achievable is what will get you to that next level of yourself. That is what motivates me. And I realize that as a role model, it is motivating for others to see me do it, and that pushes me even more.

I want to acknowledge all the amazing women that work alongside me at Cybereason. You are a unique set of talented professionals, and I am proud of the leadership you are showing up with every day.

Dare to be you and dare to be a new version of yourself. Every day just a little bit.

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