How to Maximize Efficiency and Impact in Physical Security

Security teams are often tasked to do more with less. Security leaders at these organizations must think creatively. They must determine the best combination of technology, processes, and people to fulfill their mandates and advocate for additional resources to expand their programs. They must determine the best way to maximize efficiency and impact in physical security. These decisions may be especially challenging when security leaders are new to their organizations and must prioritize the activities that drive results.

Still, there are effective strategies security leaders can deploy to make sure their capabilities match their missions – and to maximize efficiency and impact in physical security. Security leaders can optimize technology decisions based on their top priorities and personnel capabilities. They can build upon successes to advocate for additional resources.

On March 30, 2021, we hosted a discussion with Sarah Slenker from Gartner and Rob Gummer from the NFL. You can watch the recording on demand here:

During the broadcast, Ms. Slenker and Mr. Gummer shared real-world strategies for getting the most from their people, processes, and technologies – and laying the foundation to grow their programs.

Topics covered include:

  • Getting started: the first priorities a security leader should pursue in a new organization
  • Team building: recruiting talented people with the right skillsets based on your organization
  • Investing in technology: pursuing solutions and partnerships that address more than one challenge or need
  • Intelligence function: the ‘eyes and ears’ of your organization and the key to proactive threat management
  • Using timelines effectively: how Rob and Sarah have advanced key initiatives and better understand their programs during the pandemic
  • Negotiating for additional resources: connecting capabilities to desired outcomes with available data and anecdotes

Our Panelists:

Sarah Slenker – Director of Enterprise Safety and Security, Gartner
Ms. Slenker is responsible for the security Duty of Care programs including travel security, threat management, workplace violence, and insider threat programs including staffing, training, vendor management and operational policies and procedures at Gartner. Prior to joining Gartner, she was the Director of Intelligence and Threat Management at Gartner. She also spent 17 years at iJET international, where she consult and managed global security and operational risk management programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Rob Gummer – Director of Intelligence Operations, NFL
Mr. Gummer leads a seasoned team of analysts at the National Football League’s global security operations center, where he brings deep technology, intelligence and investigations experience. Prior to joining the NFL, Mr. Gummer spent 8 years at the Federal Bureau of Investigation in various intelligence and supervisory roles. Mr. Gummer also served as an instructor in the United States Army, where he trained more than 100 students in All Source Analysis.

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