CIOarena Health Virtual Event

We are excited to participate in the CIOarena Health Virtual event on March 10 from 11:00 am – 3:30 pm CST. The purpose of this CIOarena virtual event is to unite IT executives and professionals in the healthcare arena and provide them with expert insights that they can integrate into their professional roles to help optimize and secure their organizations.

At the event, Or Priel, Ermetic’s VP Product Management, will present “Why Entitlements Are the Cloud Problem Health Institutions Need to Solve First.” Transitioning to the cloud has its security challenges. Of these, the most critical challenge to address first is access risk. Excessive and misconfigured entitlements (permissions) are an open door to threat actors: a constant, looming source of data breaches. Least privilege policy enforcement is key — but how do you cut through cloud complexity to apply it without hurting business? Or will explain how full, actionable visibility into your cloud identities — users, applications and resources — is core to securely governing your cloud infrastructure. He will provide an understanding of how roles, groups, and policies come into manageable focus with the Ermetic platform.

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Click here for more information and to register. This event is invite-only, so make sure to list Ermetic in the Referral field to be considered admission.

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