7 Best Marketing Emails to Attract Consumers Right Away

In this age of social media marketing, are you among those who believe email marketing is dead? Far from being redundant, email marketing is thriving in today’s world.

Here are some latest statistics: 87% of B2B marketing teams still use email to boost their customer reach, while 79% of B2C marketing teams use email to share new blogs and articles. Overall, the new user signups and ROI on email marketing to attract consumers is good at $44 revenue for every $1 spent in expenses.

The right type of marketing emails with an interesting subject line and body can go a long way to engage with new client prospects and boost your sales numbers and enhance customer experience.

Having said that, email fatigue is also a real problem – with thousands of promotional emails flooding our inboxes. How can you use email marketing to attract customers without sounding “too salesy” or making it a “hard sell?”


Here are the seven best types of promotional emails that should be part of your email marketing strategy:

7 Awesome Emails That Will Attract More Consumers

1. Welcome emails

Also known as introductory emails, welcome emails simply introduce yourself and your business to potential customers.

At this early stage, you are not sending an email for selling any product or informing clients of a new marketing campaign. Apart from introducing your business, talk more about how your product or service can help clients improve their business. Include an interesting subject line for the email and thank the client for taking an interest in your business (example, “Thanks for signing up!”).

Here are some good tips for effective welcome emails:

  • Personalize your welcome email by including a “quirky” or “interesting” fact about your brand or team.
  • Avoid talking about your product/ service in your welcome email.
  • Include an image of yourself or your brand to make it personal and develop an acquaintance with your client.
  • In short, mention how your brand is helping clients or improving their lives.

2. Limited Time Offers

Limited time offers are among the best tools of using email marketing to attract customers, particularly if you are in the eCommerce space. You can send a promotional email with a limited-time offer that could include free shipping, a gift, or a discount – all available only for a limited time. An example of this is the special offer from BarkBox that offers free extra toys for your dog with a multi-month subscription.

Limited time offers effectively convert undecided (or “on the fence”) types of prospects into customers. Here are some tips that you can use when sending out emails with limited time offers:

  • Always include and highlight the offer validity (example, “Valid for 3 days 10 hours and 5 minutes” or “Only 5 hours left”).
  • Use words that signify urgency or immediate action, such as “flash sale, “shop now,” or “claim your gift today.” Include similar words in the email subject line too.

3. Exclusive offers for subscribers

Subscriber emails are a different form of welcome emails that you can send out after a client has signed up for a newsletter or e-book, free trial, or filled up an online customer form. Like welcome email, subscriber emails are effective at converting new sign-up clients into brand loyalists. Retail brand, Banana Republic, is an apt example – with its 15% discount for new subscribers.

If you have previously promised the client a special offer or discount, it is now the right time to fulfill your promise through the subscriber email. Even if you have not, offer your new subscriber an exclusive offer – like 15% off on their first purchase, or free shipping, or a promotional code.

Alternatively, you can introduce your new subscribers to your social media pages (“Like us on Facebook” or “follow us on Pinterest”) that work to build customer engagement with your brand. Use the following client tips when sending our subscriber emails:

  • Send this business email immediately after the client sign-up.
  • Make the new subscriber “feel special” with words such as “Just for You” or “You’re on the list” or “Pleased to meet you.”
  • Always include a CTA button in your email – with labels such as “Get started” or “Shop today” or “Read more.”

4. Product launches

Be it new products or services, a new book, or a new software tool, product launches offer exciting email ideas to gain new customers – or even repeat purchases. At this stage, you have done most of your sales-related groundwork with potential clients and are ready to go ahead with the “hard sell.”

For a successful product launch email campaign, your customers must know your brand and product line – and have sufficient interest in engaging with your brand.

How do you develop a successful product launch email strategy? Here are some effective tips:

  • Do not include a long explanation about your product features – instead, add a product link like “Learn more about…” or “Tell me more.”
  • Explain in short how the product or a feature can benefit the customer (example, “keep yourself fit…” or “music that you have never experienced before”).
  • Always include multiple CTAs in your email that encourage your clients to click and engage with your brand in many ways. Some CTAs include “Buy Now” or “Show me how” or “Try it out.”

5. New arrivals

When you are running an online store as a small business, new product launches may not happen every week or month. You are more likely to have new product arrivals like the latest bedroom furniture or the new season’s fashion wear. Online shoppers are always keen to see what “new stuff” you have added to your product catalog – so why not inform them about it by sending new arrivals emails to their inbox?

Here are some tips for new arrivals email marketing:

  • Use subject lines that mention “new arrivals” to generate the client’s curiosity.
  • Make it easy for customers to browse for new product arrivals by adding links or CTAs like “Just In” or “Shop Now”
  • Send “sneak peek” emails of fresh arrivals (before the official release) to loyal customers that give them a “good feeling” about the brand. Here is one use case from New York-based Petite Studio.

6. Seasonal or holiday offers

Holiday seasons – the time when both consumers and retailers look forward to. Be it Halloween, Easter, or Christmas, there is always a special day around the corner (no matter which part of the world you are located in).

Seasonal campaigns are a great marketing channel that can improve your conversion rate. Here are 14 best examples of holiday emails that you can check out.

Below are some effective tips for implementing your seasonal holiday email campaign:

  • Run your promotional campaign at least a week before the holiday – and keep increasing your reach as the holiday date approaches near.
  • Differentiate your holiday offer by using keywords like “holiday,” “sale,” “discount,” and “gift.”
  • Along with free shipping, offer free gift wrapping – particularly for holidays when consumers buy gifts for their loved ones.
  • Try to be creative and offer a to-do checklist for the holidays or gift ideas – that will stand your business apart from other competitors.

7. Giveaways

Free trips, contests, free stays, or cash prizes – Giveaway emails always promote products, drive customer engagement, or increase sales. Want to grow your subscriber email list? Giveaway emails can work wonders for that too.

Giveaway emails should vary depending on your product category. Here are some tips that should keep you in good stead:

  • Use an interesting subject line for your giveaway email or promotion. For example, “Enter to win this…” or “Win an exciting trip…” or mention the term “giveaway” in your subject.
  • Do not send your giveaway email to a wider audience, else you could end up with plenty of unqualified leads in your subscriber list. Prepare a list of qualified leads that you want on your email list.
  • For each CTA in your giveaway email, design a landing page where the user must complete a few steps before availing the giveaway item.


Even in this day and age of social media marketing, email marketing remains among the best marketing tools to attract and grow your customer base. This article outlines the seven most effective types of marketing emails that your sales prospects would love to see in their mailbox. Having said that, you need to design your email with the right tips to improve your email conversions in a short time.

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