The Central Repository Stands to Support Sailors from Bintray – 3 steps to take now to protect your builds from failing

The shutdown of Bintray and JCenter comes as a rough entry in the 2021 Bingo card for many developers – most Android projects as well as Gradle and many others publish their artifacts via Bintray into JCenter. The migration timelines are tight for both consumers and producers of artifacts – Bintray will stop accepting submissions at the end of February 2021, and the entire service will shut its lights on May 1st 

As custodians of the Central Repository, we here at Sonatype understand the monumental effort that can go into maintaining a safe, reliable and robust open source ecosystem. 

We want to assure the community that Sonatype’s commitment to maintaining Central remains strong, and we are taking steps to ensure the projects that wish to migrate over from Bintray are supported. 

This article is a practical guide on the steps you can take to ensure that your use and distribution of open source components continues smoothly. To learn more about our commitment to the users and publishers of The Central Repository read the recent blog post by Sonatype Co-Founder & Maven grandee Brian Fox.

Many projects that are available via JCenter have been mirrored from Central, and so for many the process should be a matter of changing repositories in configs. The steps outlined will be useful similarly for developers in Go using GoCenter or Helm users using ChartCentral.

Developers and Consumers – three step plan 

As a consumer, you have to change your configuration to use Central or other authority instead of JCenter. Most artifacts available through JCenter were actually mirrored from the Central Repository – so in many cases the migration will be a drop-in replacement by updating your build configuration. Similarly, Go and Helm now have official sources JFrog is advising you to migrate to.

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