AttackIQ and Exabeam, working together to elevate cybersecurity effectiveness

This week, AttackIQ is proud to announce its integration with Exabeam, a modern security information and event management (SIEM) platform that helps security teams work smarter to detect and prevent attacks. 

How does Exabeam work, and why is this partnership important? With its big data analytics as a basis, Exabeam helps customers “outsmart the odds.” It collects unlimited log data, detects and investigates complex and insider attacks, and automates and orchestrates customer’s incident response processes. The net result: handling incidents becomes predictable and more efficient. 

How does this integration help Exabeam customers to improve their security posture? The AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform provides Exabeam users with essential tools to improve the effectiveness of their detection and investigation capabilities. Using the AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform, analysts use scenarios aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework that conduct end-to-end tests of their detection pipeline, validate alert rules, and practice investigations on benign events that emulate the behavior of the adversary. 

AttackIQ’s assessments provide a structured and repeatable method for Exabeam users to:

  • confirm that events are detected and prevented by deployed security technologies;
  • confirm that detection and prevention messages are properly forwarded to the Exabeam Data Lake; 
  • test built-in, custom queries, and alert rules; as well as 
  • exercise the actions defined in Exabeam’s Automated Incident Response capability. 

AttackIQ’s Security Optimization platform helps demonstrate the depth and breadth of Exabeam’s visibility. Exabeam helps identify log sources and identify the origin of the event, and it shows how it collected information about the event. The integrated AttackIQ-Exabeam solution gives analysts and incident responders confidence that their preventive, detective, and corrective controls are optimally configured and operating reliably.

This Thursday, February 4, AttackIQ’s experts will show you how easy it is to integrate Exabeam with the AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform to emulate attacker behavior and effectively validate that security controls are working as expected to detect malicious behavior. Click here to register now. 


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