SBN AppSec Bites Part 3: Has the New Virtual Reality Created Opportunities for AppSec?

Over the past several months, many organizations have had to shift their operations to a fully digital platform. This sudden shift was more challenging for some industries, like government, than other industries, like technology. And aside from having to adapt to fully remote operations, many organizations were also subject to tighter budgets, forcing them to become more efficient.

Many organizations, even those with higher budget scrutiny, have realized the importance of automating their processes to improve efficiency and even moving their operations from on-premises to the cloud. As Kyle Pippin, Director of Product Management at ThreadFix, mentions in the AppSec Bites podcast, there were a significant amount of organizations contemplating transitioning to the cloud prior to the pandemic. So, is it the pandemic that caused the surge in the digital transformations, or is this a trend that was already underway?

Tim Jarrett, Director of Product Management at Veracode, thinks it???s a bit of both ??? some companies were already interested in digital transformations, so the pandemic was the push they needed to take that next step, and others might not have been considering a digital transformation but are now realizing the importance.

The pandemic has also changed the way people work. There is less of a focus on team meetings and more of a push to start projects quickly and pragmatically. Organizations are looking to start digital transformations fast and efficiently and craving best practices on implementations.

Find out more about how the pandemic has affected AppSec in part 3 of our AppSec Bites podcast series with Threadfix.ツ?

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