Akamai’s New ESG Office: A Catalyst for Environmental and Social Progress

We’re proud of the progress Akamai has made in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. From reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and powering our platform with 50% renewable energy, to the millions invested in STEM education grants for underserved students, giving back to our planet and our communities is a big part of who we are and a key reason for our success as a business.

Now, we’re taking an important step forward in that commitment with the launch of a new Akamai ESG Office led by Deputy General Counsel Nicole Fitzpatrick, who will serve as our Chief ESG Officer.

The new office will provide a cohesive approach to ESG across Akamai. This includes establishing a global ESG strategy that aligns with our business goals, integrating efforts across the enterprise, and measuring our performance. The office will play a crucial role in helping Akamai serve as a true catalyst for positive, systemic change and positive impact for our customers, investors, employees, and communities.

The office will support our existing efforts around Sustainability; Inclusion, Diversity, and Engagement; and the Akamai Foundation. But it is also a recognition that ESG issues have touchpoints across the enterprise — from supply chain and sales to communications and compensation. Providing support and guidance for all of these touchpoints will be a key focus for Fitzpatrick and her team.

“By establishing cohesive strategies for measuring, evolving, and communicating our progress, our goal is to embed sustainable business practices throughout the entire company and cultivate the world’s best culture,” Fitzpatrick says of the new office. “By sharing our wins and lessons transparently and without reservation, we will inspire other companies to do the same.”

The new Akamai ESG Office is clear evidence of our commitment to make the world a better place. As with all big goals, this must be a collaborative effort in partnership with you, our customers, investors, employees, partners, and communities. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this important step. What do you think?


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