Security Catalyst Office Hours Recap | January 29, 2021

We opened with a brief celebration of success and discussion about directed action, specifically: 

AWS Builder Community Hub

directed action > action > motion > getting stuck

We opened with a simple question that lead to great discussion and several connected insights: 

Is there a guide for meetings with senior executives?

We talked about the five factors for a successful meeting — and how to prepare. This is absolutely a topic we’ll revisit again. 

Then we touched on:

  • Executives (leaders) are map makers, not map followers
  • Ease of engagement is a leadership quality
  • The risk of public shaming when asking questions
  • Pay attention to who influences the executive

We talked briefly about how to handle requests for your “5-year plan” when the amount of chaos and uncertainty makes it challenge to look out a few months right now. 

As our time came to close, we briefly talked about accountability. Specifically, the three factors required to have accountability and what people really mean when they say accountability. 

Here’s the visual record:

We covered so much ground – I know we’ll be tackling this in future programming and office hours. Drop me a note with your ideas and questions! 

Consider joining us next Friday! 

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