Microsoft 365 Security for Extended Detection and Response

John Norden

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, Infocyte is expanding it’s platform capabilities by launching a Microsoft 365 security module this week. We are especially excited for this module which will enhance our endpoint detection and response platform to provide detection, response, and compliance across your entire environment.

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Although Microsoft 365 has strong security capabilities when configured properly and monitored, many subscribers are still vulnerable to account takeover through the well known and unfortunately successful attack vectors such as phishing, social engineering, etc. This, in combination with recent events, should be at the forefront of priorities for businesses and their security teams.

Infocyte’s Microsoft 365 Security Module will help security teams validate which best practices are (and are not) properly implemented within a customer’s Microsoft 365 environment. Infocyte will also provide a continuous monitoring capability that will monitor and alert when configurations from an established baseline are modified which conflict with the established security best practices. 

Key features of this Microsoft 365 Security Module include:

  • Conducts an on-demand and recurring inspection of an authenticated account 
  • Inspects  Account & Authentication, Data Management, Application Permissions and Email Security including Exchange Online for configurations issues based on best practices
  • Explains the details of the check or pass/fail rating, what failed, and how to remediate 
  • One-click to integrate with Microsoft 365 accounts (no Azure apps needed) 
  • Infocyte’s SOC and security experts will monitor your account and are on call to assist with issues (available for Command subscribers)

We are still seeking participants for our Beta program, so if interested, please contact us here or request a demo to learn more about how this could help your organization or your customer organizations.

If you’re ready to try it out for yourself, our free community edition is configured with this new Microsoft 365 Security Module. Sign-up and start improving your security posture in as little as 30 minutes here.

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