Client Services: 4 Key Functions of an Effective Technical Account Manager

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In our first blog about the PerimeterX Services and Support team, we covered the PerimeterX Onboarding process and the steps our teams follow in ensuring an effective deployment. The award-winning PerimeterX Client Services team consists of Solution Architects, Customer Support and Customer Success teams with deep experience supporting not just PerimeterX solutions, but the whole tech stack to meet digital business needs. The five key steps to PerimeterX Onboarding include introductions, configuration, deployment and tuning, validation, and mitigation.

The initial steps move forward to a complete PerimeterX deployment. Now we will describe another component of the PerimeterX Client Services offering — Technical Account Management (TAM) — and four of the unique features that make TAM services worth considering.

Technical Account Managers weave together the features and resources of PerimeterX with the business objectives of our customers — conveying the customer perspective within PerimeterX, prioritizing the customer’s immediate needs, and connecting them with PerimeterX capabilities. The close relationship between TAM and customer — a partnership — provides the basis for ongoing dialogue and deeper familiarity with the customer’s infrastructure, facilitating integration and troubleshooting.

The primary functions of an effective TAM include: 1) proactive or preemptive care, 2) providing a point of contact and connection (account management), 3) serving as an information conduit, and 4) oversight of requests and issues (case management). Let’s look more deeply into each:

Preemptive Care

The TAM brings strategic focus to the PerimeterX/customer partnership, and this shows up in proactive attention to the results and behaviors captured in PerimeterX telemetry. Examples of preemptive care include comparisons of policy decisions with best practices and recommendations for tuning and improvements, performance optimization and operational reviews, and improvements in capacity utilization.

Account Management

The TAM provides a strategic focal point at PerimeterX to address business, technical and support matters. (Read more...)

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