Winding down 2020

From a creative perspective, 2020 hasn’t been a bad year for me. I ended up writing, 80 blog posts (most of which were published elsewhere) created 54 videos, 48 podcasts, and 48 presentations and webinars.

I guess lockdown gave me more time to mull on things and be more productive.

Despite the fact that I am far more productive than the average person, and have been called the Hercules of information security (not my words), I think it’s good for everyone to take some downtime.

There’s no end of year roundup from me, no actual predictions and nothing of substance to say.

I’m looking forward to going dark till the new year. It always sounds cooler to say, “going dark” as opposed to talk like normal people because it makes me feel as hacker as when I wear a dark hoodie, log onto a system and say, “I’m in”.

Until next year, stay secure my friends.

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