Aside from managing Tripwire’s security research team, Tyler Reguly also teaches a college course on cybersecurity. On this episode, Tyler shares his experience teaching the next generation of cybersecurity practitioners who are about to graduate and enter the workforce.

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The following is an edited excerpt from a recent episode of Tripwire’s Cybersecurity Podcast.

Tim Erlin: Today, I am joined by Tyler Reguly, manager of software development with Tripwire and we’re here to talk about cybersecurity education and Tyler’s engagement with it. Could you start by telling us about your teaching history?

Tyler Reguly: I first taught about a decade ago at Fanshawe College. I developed two courses for them: one like a generic “Intro to Security”-type course and one on malicious hacking tactics. Now, I’m teaching a malware analysis course that I developed over the summer.

TE: So, what’s the makeup of the student body like in that class?

TR: I would say that the bulk of the students are between 20 and 30. There are definitely exceptions, as there always are.

TE: You said it was a malware analysis class. What’s included in that syllabus?

TR: Rather than taking one aspect of malware analysis and diving really deep into it, I wanted to prepare students for anything they might encounter and give them a broad set of basic skills. So, we did things like the history of malware, the types of malware that you’ll find. We did some programming using Python, and we applied it throughout the rest of the course. Then we did things like dynamic and static analysis, reverse engineering, and packet analysis. We used a lot of malware tests and reversing (Read more...)