DFLabs’ Most Popular Webinars in 2020

With one eye set on the future of SOAR and another on developing our own IncMan solution, 2020 was yet another year filled with multiple projects, innovations, growth, and also webinars.

We carefully monitored the evolving threat landscape in 2020, especially how Security Orchestration, Automation and Response responds to the growing challenges most organizations face. 

In this regard, to illustrate how SOAR responds to some of the most pressing obstacles in today’s unpredictable threat environment, our knowledgeable team of experts at DFLabs cooked up a variety of webinars that delve deep into the root of the most common security problems organizations face, and illustrate just why SOAR is deemed as the answer to some of the biggest challenges today.

To continue the annual tradition, below you’ll find 6 of the most popular DFLabs webinars in 2020, which you can always watch on-demand. Let’s begin.

DFLabs’ 6 most popular webinars in 2020

“SOAR explained: Benefits, Unique Capabilities, SOAR vs SIEM, KPIs and More”

SOAR was created out of the problems previous technologies couldn’t overcome. And even though SOAR can still be deemed as a somewhat novel technology, its place in the cyber security industry has been cemented as an integral asset of every high-functioning SOC.

Enterprises, businesses, organizations, and MSSPs have all embraced SOAR’s futuristic capabilities, and in this webinar, we focus on the very core functions of SOAR. We also discuss the benefits that SOAR offers to enterprises and MSSPs and focus on the most important KPIs for security organizations and incident response programs. 

Watch the webinar on-demand anytime you want here.

“How to Utilize Security Ratings to Enhance Incident Response Processes”

The integration between SecurityScorecard and DFLabs offers third-party vendor health checks, vulnerability data scans, vendor risk relationship monitoring, and dispute changes in risk score.

By leveraging SecurityScorecard’s security findings, as well as our IncMan’s automation and orchestration capabilities, users can quickly operationalize data and ensure a proactive approach toward their security foundation.

In this webinar, we discuss the benefits of the SecurityScorecard-DFLabs partnership in an in-depth manner, reveal how this integration provides extra visibility for users, and show how security rankings lead toward a stronger cyber security posture.

Watch the webinar on-demand any time you want here.

“How to Utilize Recorded Future Security Intelligence to Enhance SOC Performance”

Proactive threat hunting capabilities are a vital aspect of every successful SOC team today. Managing the flood of never-ending alerts can only be tackled with the incorporation of sophisticated security technologies.

With that in mind, the integration between DFLabs and Recorded Future allows investigators easy access to crucial information that can be vital in the battle against evolving threats. Combining IncMan SOAR’s unmatched orchestration and automation capabilities with Recorded Future’s industry-leading threat intelligence data give every SOC the upper hand against malicious actors, as they’ll significantly increase their chances of identifying, assessing, and nullifying threats in a timely manner.

In this webinar, we unfold the benefits of the integration between DFLabs and Recorded Future, and explain how this integration allows users to improve their incident response time by 90%, enhance SOC efficiency by 80%, and increase the number of resolved incidents by 300%.

Watch the webinar on-demand anytime you want here.

“SOAR to The Sky With IncMan SOAR: Exclusive Product Demonstration”

Not all SOAR vendors provide SOAR solutions with the same quality. Choosing the perfect SOAR solution that fits your current needs goes beyond choosing the most popular SOAR vendor.

Even though most SOAR solutions provide the core features that every SOAR technology offers, there are some features that only the best of SOAR vendors provide. And finding the perfect SOAR solution for you often comes down to the specifics.

In this webinar, we uncover the key differentiators of IncMan SOAR in comparison to other SOAR solutions. 

Watch the webinar on-demand anytime you want here.

“The Importance of SOAR in the Finance Services Industry”

The finance sector continuously sits as one of the most targeted industries for cyber security. Banks and other financial institutions remain lucrative targets for malicious actors. And if they want to successfully evade sophisticated cyber attacks, they need the most contemporary, state-of-the-art cyber security solutions by their side.

In this regard, DFLabs’ patented SOAR technology provides financial institutions with the capability to respond to every alert in a timely manner and also meet industry-standard regulations.

In this webinar, we explain how DFLabs’ IncMan SOAR helps financial institutions boost their cyber security posture.

Watch the webinar on-demand anytime you want here.

<“SOAR and Threat Intelligence Series: Compromised Credit Card Use Case”

Sensitive data, personally identifiable information, and credit card credentials are always at risk of being compromised. Data breaches are a common occurrence nowadays, and in order to lower the risk of cyber fraud, organizations need to take their cyber security posture to the highest level.

To respond to the growing threat of data breaches, DFLabs and Blueliv joined forces, as combining Blueliv’s threat intelligence with IncMan SOAR’s next-gen proactive threat capabilities allows organizations to ward off even the most sophisticated data breach attempts.

In this joint webinar with Blueliv, we provide an insightful analysis of a real credit card compromisation use case and show how the IncMan SOAR and Blueliv combination offers a practical solution against data breaches.

Watch the webinar on-demand anytime you want here.


As we said at the beginning of this blog, 2020 was filled with webinars that dive deep into the core of the most common present-day cyber security challenges. In these webinars, we showed how IncMan SOAR responds to the biggest challenges and obstacles faced by different types of organizations.

And remember, as you wait for our upcoming webinars, you can always watch our webinars on-demand at your convenience and pace, anytime you want.

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