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SBN Delphix Bets Big on MySQL, Mongo, and Couchbase with Select Connectors

Part of digital transformation success is picking the right database for what your application wants to achieve. While many of these databases might fall in line with native databases that we support, there are a long tail of up-and-coming data sources, like MySQL, Mongo, and Couchbase that are particularly suited for certain data types and workflows. 

We’re bringing new out-of-the-box connectors for MySQL, Couchbase, and Mongo with white-glove support that you’ve come to love with our native data sources. 

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Select Connectors are pre-built integrations for a new set of sources. It is a downloadable software plugin that—when loaded into a Delphix virtualization engine—allows teams to connect to a specific source type and ingest data. Once the connection is established, teams can apply the same data operations to that data source, which include data provisioning, bookmarking, refreshing, and rewinding. 

This offering is different from Delphix’s virtualization SDK, which we announced last November. The virtualization SDK gives developers at organizations a way to leverage Delphix’s core virtualization capabilities by building their own plug-ins, whereas Select Connectors is an evolution of that strategy. 

Our goal is to build greater trust and resilience in the workflows that leverage the popular data source plug-ins built through the EDSI program folded under the standard Delphix support policy.

Here’s a chart that demonstrates how we’ve opened the path for wider database support through various programs and offerings. 

delphix offerings

Enterprise data needs are increasingly urgent and varied—for CI/CD, cloud migrations, AI model training, analytics, regulatory reporting requirements, forensics and production recovery, and more.

Organizations need to take a proactive approach in preventing the risks of being stuck with an unwieldy data infrastructure, with partial automation of some sources and others mired in manual workflows. It begins with evaluating the entire organization’s data estate and determining where it makes sense to shrink data footprints and streamline a comprehensive range of enterprise data operations with sophisticated APIs.

Looking ahead on the roadmap, we’re planning to build a Connector SDK that will further extend the range of data sources Delphix can mask. This will enable customers and partners to build their own connectors. With that capability, users can either use Delphix with default integrations, Select Connectors, or their own connectors with the new SDK to virtualize data from practically any data source. We’ll have more information in the coming months. 

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