CipherCloud Chronicles #6: Tackling Fat Finger Errors

Securing Remote Collaboration – Tackling Fat Finger Errors

John, who is REALLY enjoying working from home, gets a call from his manager Kevin requesting for a sales report one afternoon. While sitting on his couch enjoying a favorite show and “working” he quickly sends the report to a certain Kevin… a 3rd party business partner NOT Kevin, his manager. It’s the return of the fat finger!

The moment John realizes that he mistakenly sent the email to the wrong recipient, he’s understandably petrified that he might lose his job,  because the email contained sensitive information. This can be a scary situation for any organization because, with a greater number of remote workers combining with strict compliance regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA etc. in place, what could follow this simple mistake next might be huge penalties and reputational damage.

So how can organizations better address “fat finger” errors?

Since the ongoing pandemic has driven employees into remote work environments, with many connecting using home networks and unmanaged devices to collaborate over multiple SaaS apps, there’s even greater need for controls that transcend traditional enterprise perimeters. Security practitioners need strong data protection controls to secure confidential information being accessed and shared among employees, partners and customers over apps and emails. 

Email remains the number one threat vector in cybersecurity. A simple misdirected email containing sensitive information can trigger a data breach with unprecedented consequences, just ask our friend John. And while there are many solutions on the market that focus on preventing phishing attacks, malware, and ransomware etc., preventing erroneous data handling has proven a bit trickier. 

How do you enable real-time detection and prevention of email forwards to external groups? How do you apply your SaaS security policies to cloud-based emails? How do you craft a policy for both inbound and outbound emails?

The answer? Using a market-leading CASB.

CipherCloud CASB+ offers the industry’s first Secure Email Gateway in a CASB, that integrates directly with your email security solutions. CipherCloud is the only CASB vendor to fully integrate DLP for Email to protect data at rest and in motion. CipherCloud’s Secure Email Gateway offers deep visibility into corporate email usage with unprecedented audit capabilities, acting as a single CASB solution for SaaS governance and email security. 

Further, CASB+ routes all emails from any client device, managed or unmanaged, through a secure and dedicated gateway for enforcing DLP policies and performing sanity checks before email is delivered to the recipients.


CipherCloud CASB+ for Email Security offers:

  • Advanced DLP scanning of email subject, body and attachments
  • Detection and encryption for emails and attachments before they are sent to an email server
  • Removal of unknown or unauthorized recipients from mailing lists prior to external distribution
  • Automated policy enforcement to prevent specific sensitive documents from being sent to an external recipient
  • Creation of separate policies for inbound/outbound emails, leveraging prebuilt DLP templates to ensure compliance of sensitive data
  • Use of optical character recognition (OCR) to scan images embedded in emails or document attachments
  • Integration with the existing email infrastructure
  • Remote-wiping for data on compromised devices using Active sync.


At the end of the day, mistakes are going to happen. John might have the fat finger issues, but that doesn’t mean that the entire organization needs to pay the price. 

Try CipherCloud CASB+ for secure collaboration over email, today.

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