Better together: Highlights of IBM and Imvision’s new partnership

What a great way to (almost) end 2020. We’ve just announced a new technology partnership with IBM, offering a comprehensive solution to boost API security together with IBM’s API Connect – a Gartner leader in Full Lifecycle API Management since 2015 – available through the IBM Cloud Pak.

In recent years, use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for businesses has ascended. As stated inThe State of API 2019report by SmartBear: “two-thirds of organizations only started to develop APIs in the last five years. Furthermore, 28% only began developing APIs in the last two years”. 

As API usage across industries and in various use cases grows exponentially, they increasingly become a target for sophisticated attacks that existing tools simply can’t find. As this recent report shows, CISOs are on the hunt for API security solutions

The growing API security arms race can be accelerated through technology partnerships and integrations, incorporating the unique expertise of each party. In the case of IBM and Imvision, the two companies offer a holistic approach to API management and security, delivering innovative end-to-end solutions for enterprises. 


Who can benefit from this partnership?

Imvision protects business applications in Fortune 500 companies from API-related attacks. Our NLP-based anomaly management platform helps CISOs stay in control of their APIs, eliminating blind spots from code to production by automatically identifying, analyzing and mitigating potential breaches. 

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IBM API Connect enables the central management of APIs across multi cloud deployments. It offers security-rich support to deploy and independently scale components based on workload across multiple diverse services and platforms. 

By combining the two solutions, IBM and Imvision put API security into action across the API life-cycle, from creation to deprecation. IBM’s API Connect customers will enjoy an out-of-the-box security offering, enabling rapid deployment and streamline protection.

The “behind the scenes” story

Focused on scaling up, Imvision joined the IBM Alpha Zone Program earlier this year. This enabled both companies to work closely together and build technological and personal foundations to make their partnership come to life- delivering innovative security solutions to clients. We can’t wait to see this important partnership elevate the solutions offered by both companies and create a new era in API security. 

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