Turning our Vision into Reality

I wanted to share exciting news from Eclypsium. Last week we announced that we raised new capital from notable new investors and existing investors that have continued to support us over our first three years.

Well before we started Eclypsium, Alex and I spent years finding vulnerabilities and building mitigations into the foundational layer of every computer – firmware and hardware. Many great security solutions were available, but they all focused on higher layers of the stack. Yet every device ships with tons of software developed by the manufacturer. A router, a laptop’s hard drive, a server’s management controller, a medical device, a workstation on a production floor, or even a voting machine; all run millions of lines of firmware that has vulnerabilities and must be regularly updated. All of that firmware across thousands of devices creates an enormous attack surface that is being used to gain a foothold in an organization’s infrastructure.

We started Eclypsium to build a solution that “takes care” of this attack surface and all the risks that firmware poses in a myriad of devices. Now, just three years later, some of the most demanding and risk-aware organizations, from Fortune 100 enterprises to federal agencies, rely on Eclypsium to do just that. They have helped us shape and improve our product, yet keep focused on our vision, for which I’m very grateful.

While many of our customers protect their laptops, critical servers in data centers, and even their hardware supply chain from firmware threats, I am most excited about our product’s simple but core capability to catalog all firmware across an entire infrastructure and keep it all up to date. Making this process transparent and automated helps organizations take the first step toward protecting their fleet of devices.

I want to thank our amazing Eclypsium team for making the last three years exciting, fun, and filled with purpose. Thank you for your dedication and genius in growing one of the most innovative companies in the world. We welcome Alumni Venture Group, AV8 Ventures, Mango Capital, Mindset Ventures, Oregon Venture Fund, Ridgeline Partners, and TransLink Capital as our new investors, and look forward to working with them to continue making our vision a reality. We’re privileged to work with such a diverse and committed group of investors. This funding will enable us to accelerate on all fronts – from engineering and research, to sales and marketing, and through delivery. I also want to thank our existing investors who continue with us on this journey to fulfill our vision.


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