The World Has Moved Online. Has Your Business Adapted?

What would happen if everything we do in the world were to suddenly go online?  We got the answer to that question early this year, when the global coronavirus pandemic forced almost everyone and everything to move online: commerce, meetings with colleagues and customers, classroom learning, appointments with the doctor, entertainment, and live gatherings, such as Akamai’s upcoming digital event, Edge Live | Adapt, on November 10 and 11.

What happened is that we have all adapted.  In a matter of days back in March, our company went to a fully distributed workforce where 95 percent of our employees work remotely. Like other innovative companies, we are adapting our enterprise security architecture for a Zero Trust model, where our employees, partners and their devices operate outside our traditional perimeter.  And we’ve adapted our live events to enable anyone to join Edge Live virtually, from the comfort of your home office, without having to get on a plane or cancel appointments in your schedule to make the trip.

Digital transformation is moving so fast during this pandemic that it is challenging just to keep up, let alone get ahead of the major trends that are reshaping content delivery, application acceleration and cybersecurity for today’s digital business. Many organizations have seen a dramatic acceleration of digital projects and initiatives. Transformative efforts that might have taken years to get accomplished before Covid have been forced to fruition almost overnight. Some businesses have seen years’ worth of change and disruption happen in a matter of weeks. And, of course, threat actors have adapted too, posing trickier security challenges to thwart, from ransom DDoS attacks, to embedding malware in third-party sponsored content on websites, to increased credential abuse and account fraud.

We’ll have plenty to say about all of this at Edge Live, including what Akamai’s acquisition of Asavie means for our vision and strategy for 5G and billions of IoT connected devices at the Edge.  The future is moving to the Edge, where Akamai has operated for more than 20 years. This is a critical moment for Akamai’s customers to catch up on so many fast moving trends, solutions and best practices.

I invite you to join us on November 10 and 11. You can register for the event and learn more about the content of sessions and speakers here.

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