RangeForce and 7 Eagle Group Join Forces to Boost Veterans’ Hands-on Cybersecurity Skills

MANASSAS, Va., Oct. 27, 2020 — RangeForce, provider of the first and most advanced cloud-based cybersecurity simulation and training platform, today announced a partnership with 7 Eagle Group to upskill veterans with hands-on cybersecurity training and help private and government hiring organizations close their cybersecurity talent gap.

Amherst, Massachusetts-based 7 Eagle Group is a national leader in helping military veterans find top jobs after service. Under the partnership, RangeForce and 7 Eagle Group will provide veterans access to the RangeForce CyberSkills Training Platform, a cloud-based solution that engages individuals and teams in remote, problem-based hands-on lessons to detect and respond to the latest cyber threats and system vulnerabilities. Additionally, RangeForce will connect 7 Eagle veterans to its workforce development partners that specialize in launching tech careers, including NPower and Year Up7 Eagle Group, NPower, Year Up, and RangeForce are examples of a growing ecosystem of organizations working together to overcome the cybersecurity skills gap through resources including technology, hands-on education and training, and non-traditional talent.

“Hands-on experience is vitally important to cybersecurity defense, and therefore, to employees and employers alike,” said Jay Sheehan, Director of 7 Eagle Group. “While security training programs are fairly common, people are just beginning to experience the power of the type of hands-on learning and challenge-based training for cyber pros and other members of the IT staff that RangeForce has perfected.”

By joining 7 Eagle Group’s Free Virtual Training, Mentorship, and Job Placement Program veterans and military spouses can explore career options, take courses from home, work with mentors, and land an internship or full-time position when they’re ready to be hired.

Participants that want to immediately explore RangeForce’s approach to training can join the recently-introduced RangeForce Community and try out 20 of its most popular cybersecurity training modules for free.

“With many organizations hiring not for degrees or certificates but for abilities, it’s an amazing time for anyone interested in a career in cybersecurity,” said RangeForce President Gordon Lawson. “Our veterans already have deep experience in highly intense, coordinated operations.  Their experience serving our nation translates well into the complex world of cybersecurity, and it’s crucial that we in the industry give them great tools to expand their skill set.  7 Eagle Group has an incredible network in place to provide any organization that has a mission to hire veterans with on-demand access to its pool of candidates. We’re excited to be working together to introduce these veterans to the power of problem-based, hands-on learning so they can leverage their capabilities and develop their expertise to become highly valued cyber defenders.”

RangeForce is a scalable platform to provide hands-on measurable training for cybersecurity and IT operations professionals. Cyber and IT teams learn by defending against complex attacks and measure real skills and identify areas for development.

Register to join the RangeForce Community at: https://go.rangeforce.com/community-edition-registration.

Learn more about 7 Eagle Group and its mission for veterans and employers: https://7eagle.com/.

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