SBN No Security Budget? 5 Technologies to Sunset!


No Security Budget? 5 Technologies to Sunset

With IT budgets declining for the first time in many years as a result of the pandemic, business leaders and IT decision-makers alike may be looking for places to consolidate, trim fat and even cut corners. 

And, while security is the last place we would recommend cutting budget, if you are looking for efficiencies, you may have the opportunity to sunset certain technologies or consolidate several detection technologies into one, especially if you consider those solutions that managed detection and response (MDR) effectively replaces.

Technologies to Consider Sunsetting

1. Vulnerability Scanner

Vulnerability scanning tools detect weaknesses across networks, assess threats, and manage security on managed apps and devices. They help you understand and evaluate your tolerance for vulnerabilities. Knowing which vulnerabilities and how many are in your environment remains a pivotal part of your security strategy. Think about the hasty rollout of technology in work-from-home setups during the pandemic. Are you sure everyone is patching and updating properly? Don’t you want to know? How would you even know?

So why are we suggesting that you can sunset your vulnerability scanner? Because vulnerability scanners are largely commoditized and bundled in with a number of services, including IntelliGO’s MDR. So while vulnerability scanning remains hugely important (most breaches exploit vulnerabilities within your environment), you can replace the scanner by rolling it into an existing service, or by taking advantage of a vulnerability scanner you already have access to via another service. Our MDR service is one of few where vulnerability scanning is included with the service.

The important thing is that you won’t have to (and don’t want to!) give up the outcome it yields. And with the average cost of vulnerability scanners standing at about $6k (with some around $2,500 and (Read more...)

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