ForgeRock Updates GSA Schedule

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing a dramatic shift in how public sector organizations and agencies do their work and provide citizen services, digital transformation has become a priority. Easy, yet secure, remote access for both citizens and employees is no longer a goal for tomorrow, it is a must for today. 

Unfortunately, traditional IT environments struggle to accommodate increased access demands. For example, legacy identity and access management (IAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) weren’t designed to provide real-time, continuous enterprise-wide user access visibility, control, and remediation, or to collect and analyze identity data to identify security access and risk blind spots. These shortcomings result in error-prone and time-consuming manual work, poor user experiences, and increased risk — making it difficult for public sector organizations to successfully implement their digital transformation initiatives. 

What’s needed is a comprehensive IAM and IGA platform capable of not only modernizing and filling the gaps of legacy identity systems, but also unlocking their value with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). 

At ForgeRock we’re ready to help. I’m excited to announce that the ForgeRock Identity Governance and ForgeRock Autonomous Identity solutions are now available on the GSA Schedule, which means ForgeRock’s complete IAM and IGA platform can be purchased on the GSA Schedule with Carahsoft. ForgeRock has a long-standing partnership with Carahsoft within the public sector market across US Federal Agencies and State Governments. In fact, Rich Savage, Sales Director at Carahsoft, noted “We pride ourselves on helping government agencies find the best technology solutions available. ForgeRock’s AI-powered platform is exactly what IT teams need in the public sector for solving complex digital identity challenges.” 

Both Identity Governance and Autonomous Identity are fully deployable in a DevSecOps environment. You can view the new SKUs on our Carahsoft microsite under ‘Products.’ 

ForgeRock Identity Governance and Administration

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is the ability to manage and reduce the risk that comes with excessive or unnecessary user access to applications, systems, and data. Users want to have easy and rapid access to all of the applications they need to do their jobs. As a security-conscious organization, you need to balance requests for immediate application access with security, while reducing the risk associated with this process. 

The problem is, many public sector organizations use manual processes or scripts to grant immediate access to users. However, this leads to a failure to implement proper monitoring and governance controls on access in order to determine whether users should continue to have access. When auditors ask for proof of proper detective and preventive controls, organizations often resort to even more manual processes that involve spreadsheets and emails. Imagine the worst-case scenario, when a security team is triaging and they have to rely on searching through emails and spreadsheets in order to understand the chain of events. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

ForgeRock Identity Governance and Administration is an integral part of the ForgeRock Identity Platform. It simplifies the manual access request, access approval, certification, and role mining processes while providing full identity lifecycle management for creating, managing, and restricting identity access to accounts, systems, applications, and infrastructure. With ForgeRock IGA, you can strengthen your security posture and automatically drive regulatory compliance.

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity 

Legacy IGA solutions operate in ‘identity silos’ based on static data, including assignments, roles, and entitlements. Combined with the increasing volume and type of identities within the public sector, this can leave your already overburdened risk and security teams struggling to keep up as they manually provision access privileges and rubber stamp access requests and certifications.

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity is an AI-driven identity analytics solution that can be layered on top of, and integrated with, your existing IGA solutions to provide real-time and continuous enterprise-wide user access visibility, control, and remediation. By leveraging machine learning techniques, the Autonomous Identity collects and analyzes identity data, such as accounts, roles, user activity, and entitlements, to identify security access and risk blind spots. As a result, public sector organizations gain wider and deeper insight into the risks associated with user access as well as remediation recommendations.

As these product descriptions exemplify, there’s a better way to do Identity Governance and Administration to improve your overall access and security landscape while reducing manual processes and extending the value of your current investments. These solutions, along with ForgeRock’s comprehensive identity platform capabilities, help you achieve the digital transformation required for today’s remote access demands

For example, the State of Utah wanted to gain greater reliability and scalability in its identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure to integrate more data and applications, and expand the number of online services available to employees, citizens, and businesses. Using the ForgeRock Identity Platform, the state integrated more than 900 applications and online services, providing the flexibility and scalability to support all 1,400 of the states online services and a growing variety of additional applications and services, including those running in the cloud. The above and more resulted in a projected savings of up to $15 million due to operational efficiencies. Read the full State of Utah customer story.

You can learn more about the ForgeRock Identity Platform, as well as our newly added Identity Governance and Administration and Autonomous Identity solutions on our Carahsoft microsite under ‘Products’. And, as always, please reach out to us directly with any questions. We and Carahsoft are here to serve you.


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