Atomicorp & EstateSpace Join Forces with RunSafe Security to Supercharge Cyber Defenses

Security partnerships reduce open source and cloud workload vulnerabilities


MCLEAN, VA. – October 27, 2020 – RunSafe Security, the pioneer of a patented process to immunize software from cyber attacks without developer friction, today announced EstateSpace, a financial technology market innovator, as a new customer and a partnership with Atomicorp, a leading open source cloud protection platform. In both cases, RunSafe will help to reduce runtime vulnerabilities and improve protections of open source software and cloud workloads from cyber attacks.

“The RunSafe team is extremely proud to have EstateSpace as a customer and to partner with Atomicorp to immunize IT infrastructure, supercharge workload protections, and reduce open source vulnerabilities,” said Joe Saunders, founder and CEO of RunSafe Security. “According to Gartner, memory protections of workloads is a core strategy, and we’re able to automatically identify open source software needing mitigation and immediately deploy hardened versions to dramatically reduce runtime vulnerabilities that can lead to damaging cyber attacks.”

Between 2018 and 2019, open source vulnerabilities rose by almost 50 percent, and although 85 percent of open source security vulnerabilities have a patch available, more than half aren’t addressed. With this partnership, RunSafe and Atomicorp will now be able to automatically and dramatically reduce attack surfaces, protect cloud workloads from cyber attacks, and immediately notify customers whose security stacks and open source code is vulnerable to memory corruption attacks.

“Our partnership with RunSafe Security is another step in the right direction to fight against the growing list of open source and cloud workload vulnerabilities,” said Michael Shinn, founder and CEO, Atomicorp. “We’re looking forward to our continued collaboration and innovation to enhance the open source security posture that is badly needed across multiple industries.”

EstateSpace recognized that it needed to think beyond traditional perimeter defense approaches to meet its clients’ security requirements for its application infrastructure. The company had deployed a modern application architecture leveraging containerized microservices to support its solution, and a significant portion of the underlying infrastructure was built on open source software. With Alkemist:Repo, EstateSpace’s open source IT infrastructure was pre-hardened with RunSafe’s immunization protections built in.

“With RunSafe’s Alkemist:Repo solution I can confidently tell our clients they have the most cutting-edge cybersecurity protecting their sensitive data,” said Jonathan Fishbeck, Founder and CEO of EstateSpace.

These relationships with Atomicorp and EstateSpace are part of RunSafe Security’s growing Alkemist:Repo solution, which offers pre-hardened, open source IT infrastructure software with protections that are already built-in. To learn more about RunSafe Security Alkemist:Repo, visit: To secure Cloud Workloads instantly and deploy runtime protections on your open source software, visit:

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