Tyler Technologies, Inc., revealed it suffered a ransomware attack that disrupted access to some of its internal systems.

On September 26, Tyler Technologies published a statement on its website in which it disclosed that it had detected a security incident involving its phone systems and internal corporate network.

The bulletin revealed that Tyler Technologies, one of the largest providers of software to the United States’ public sector, had learned of an attempt by an unauthorized third party to disrupt access to some of the internal systems.

Upon learning of the incident, the software provider disabled access to its external systems, launched an investigation into what happened and brought on outside IT security experts to assist it in its response.

It also enabled targeted monitoring to supplement its monitoring capabilities and urged customers to reset passwords on their remote network access.

Tyler Technologies’ investigation revealed that those responsible for the attack had used ransomware to target the internal corporate network, not the environment where the organization hosted its clients systems. The company further clarified the scope of the attack in its statement:

Tyler does not make election software. The Socrata open data platform is a Tyler product used to provide dashboards that display aggregated data from other sources. It is the only Tyler product that has any relation to election data and none of our Socrata data products support voting or election systems or store individual voting records.

The software provider confirmed that it was cooperating with the FBI as it worked to complete a full forensic investigation of the attack. That effort was ongoing at the time of writing.

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