SOC Quarantine Diaries Ep. 6: Block.One’s Eddie Schwartz

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Episode 6 of SOC Quarantine Diaries catches up with security industry luminary Eddie Schwartz, who is CSO of blockchain technology provider Schwartz shares his views on a wide range of security subjects, from the newfound complexity of ensuring trusted connections to the importance of injecting analytics-driven security operations into the development process, plus a whole lot more.

Show Notes

2:15: Explaining the blockchain to Dan and describing its many real-world applications
3:53: How does information security relate to the blockchain?
7:10: Adapting to remote work
10:40: Understanding the new network profile spurred on by a remote workforce
11:37: Going beyond the VPN when connecting users to multiple cloud services and moving to Zero Trust
17:36: Making it easier for users to report security-related issues to the security operations team
19:30: The physical SOC is empty … now what?
21:50: Increase in SOC automation and analytics and their relationship to the infrastructure & IT teams
24:12: Why security investments should be going to detection
26:35: The relationship between cloud security and DevSecOps and end-users
32:40: Keeping the security community together during a pandemic
35:00: Chipping away at the security talent gap

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